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love those bedside tables!
I love it! I checked out your yurt holiday traditions post too. Such a cozy place!
Etsy, Hyenacart, ethical shopping places (online), local farms, farmers markets. I understand. We're in KY too and there's not a lot of shopping options here.
  Your username is familiar. I think we were in the same DDC together? December 2007?
Have you tried the Anna White website? I love the idea of growing medicinal herbs. I want to try it someday. 
HouseofPeace, would this work with already ground up rice flour and just enough flour to absorb the starter? It sounds like it would make a really good bread!   I use Lundberg organic brown rice flour if that helps (I buy it in bulk on Amazon). 
 what a smart little guy! 
You're welcome! Sounds very sturdy! 
I've tried making my own pasta (gluten free). It tasted like thick boiled flour. I'd rather just buy some or use zucchini or carrot strips as pasta.
very nice! looks so cozy esp. with the holiday decor and your tree is so full and decorated! we had to put the ornaments on the upper part of our tree. how do you keep your little one out of the wine rack?      LOVE the tv area! our tv is wall mounted and we've yet to find something to put the tv box/dvd box/vhs on.
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