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We're gonna put them in the original spot we'd planned to put them at but with lots of shade on the run/coop and the proper hot weather precautions.
  Well right across from us is all kinds of small trees and such but they're covered in weeds that are taller than me. We have the okay to get them but haven't just yet because they're pretty far back. I'm afraid theres snakes.     The local farmers market had some tall tomato plants last week. Will have to grab some when next they're there :D       Since I posted this, we decided to put them on the SIDE of the house because it's *always* shady. Would that be fine?
I have recently started meal planning. I make up a dinners menu for a week at a time then get JUST the groceries needed for that menu (assuming you have stuff on hand for bfast and lunch). I use Pinterest a lot for recipes. Here is my board http://pinterest.com/redfishbluefish/wheat-free/  that I put a lot of ideas on. I try to make new foods and leave my notes on there about whether we liked it or not.   Here's a helpful thread...
how about a solar powered hot water heater? might be very pricey but it'd save you money in the end.   As for the other steps, I can't help you there as we're not off grid but I'd like to be.
  we can't do the shrubs and such at this moment as we're saving up to build a coop/buy the feed/buy the chickens but the cheap folding tables idea is do-able! I'm thinking we'll be doing a moveable coop/chicken tractor.   we do plan on getting some small trees and shrubs eventually though. I'll look into the mister. lol aww, poor chickens. I like the soaker hoses idea. I'm assuming a chicken wouldn't make its way to a kiddie pool to cool off, if needed? I read somewhere...
These might help http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1324744/resources/0_40     What I do is keep my home picked up so that I can clean it in under an hr. Do a good deep clean (I clean mainly at night) and that way once you get it really clean, you can keep it that way and it won't be so overwhelming. I'm not so good at organizing so I de-clutter a lot. If I don't have room for it and it's not something we absolutely need then it gets sent off to Goodwill.
this thread is 3yrs old so shes prob already got it built
That's fine
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