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  I missed this somehow. Thanks! :D         Sorry to hear about the water damage. The dresser sounds beautiful!   I don't like all white walls. Feels too empty. We had blue walls for awhile too since we were renting then we got the a-okay to paint and we went with orange.   Sounds like you've got a lot of work ahead of you. Will you update w/pics when you're done?
2007 for me. I joined the year/month that I got pregnant with #2.
We don't buy paper goods/TP on there (but I should look into it and price compare) but we do buy food in bulk from there.   Bobs Red Mill GF oats Bobs Red Mill GF flours ThinkThin GF protein bars (we're not trying to lose weight. we get them bc they're excellent protein and taste good) Berrys Farm guar gum Sunbutter Bobs Red Mill ground flax seed mill GrainBrain light buckwheat flour   I think that's it. It's cheaper to buy these things in bulk (for...
Thank you. Yeah, they have an excellent selection! I don't like that shipping depends on what you buy though; that could get expensive.
I wish I could find local organic feed. I hate to pay a ton for shipping. Burkmann Feeds SAYS that they carry a store brand organic chicken feed and my local store is listed but they *don't* carry it. I need to call today and see if they could order it. I feel like if, when we get chickens, we feed them mainstream feed then whats the point? I want them so that I can get organic eggs.     ETA: they DO have it!!! $25 for 50lbs! YAYYYY!!!
Any update on this?
I guess I'll share my meal plan. It's the first time in a long time that I've made one and stuck to it. It's SO nice knowing what I need to make rather than guessing last minute.   Link to recipes (with my comments) http://pinterest.com/redfishbluefish/wheat-free/   These are only dinner plans. I can't stick to an all day meal plan.   June 4: GF slow cooker lasagna/roasted broccoli/canned organic corn  my first time making slow cooker lasagna and GF!...
  Sounds like my flour dilemma. We're gluten free but I buy spelt for DH. I run out of GF flours so fast and am running low right now. I'm down to 1 small bag of brown rice flour, a couple cups of tapioca starch and no white rice flour.     Spelt biscuits sound yummy! I made spelt pizza last night for DH and GF for the kids and I. It's such an easy flour to use.
I can't use coconut flour because my 6yo and I are allergic and my youngest has a nut allergy. Great price on your flours though!     Has anyone tried NutsOnline for ordering bulk flour?
What about these? They're BPA free.     I've used Gladware plastic containers and the lids stayed on okay in the freezer. I prefer Rubbermaid Takealongs though.
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