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Sounds great! We had orange walls at the apt we used to live in. We chose to paint them that color and it looked nice.
How do you measure your house?
  Thanks!   Impressive!!     Great job, everyone!
I'm so glad that things are working out and that you're happy now. I'm sure your teenager will come around.
I'll look into that. I'd be hard pressed trying to find that stuff in any store around here though. I'm thinking I'll just have to bite the bullet and use Purina Layena.
nm :)
Anyone else?
Well I decluttered my kids toys. I didn't count how many but I'd venture to say that it was over 100 toys. They filled a big gallon bag. I organized their closet too. I never realized just how many stuffed animals they still have.  
Mind if I join in? I don't have a lot to de-clutter b/c I did before we moved but I def. have things to get rid of. Perhaps if my youngest will stop clinging to me, I'll do some decluttering today.
love them! esp http://uglyhousephotos.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/120518h.jpg  the plug in....     argh. stupid link.   http://uglyhousephotos.com/wordpress/?p=22757  5th pic.   nak     ETA: now that I'm not nak I can actually reply. :p These pics make me feel good about my home yet at the same time make me wanna declutter more, lol
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