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Hey, there. I'm not around here much anymore, but I was thinking about some of you today... Wondering how everyone is, where everyone is. We're still in the PNW, almost 3 years now. We were "home" in January/February and we should be back again about the same time this next winter. Eventually, we hope to make our way back permanently. I can't believe it's been 4 years since Katrina. It seems like are yesterday. Hope you are all well and in a good place.
It's here. He's one. I'd hoped the year would go by slowly, cause he's our last. It was a good one though.: Gus was born at 6:55 a.m. on April 23, 2008 at home. He was a chub at 12lbs and 23in. Today, he's 21lb/31in, long and lean. He's such a character. We love him so. Happy Birthday, Baby! Then and Now. His birthday cake.
Hi to all the April mamas and babies! Gus will be 1 tomorrow morning. I'll come back and post about that. Just wanted to say all the pics are great, happy birthday to all the babes, and that I totally got all teary-eyed reading this thread!
We camped last year at Sunset Bay State Park and loved it there. Definitely going back this year. I'll have to check back to see what other suggestions you get!
It wasn't even close to being painless (cervical lip and shoulder dystocia), but the homebirth of our 12lb 23in baby was med-free and natural. No tearing. I'm carrying some extra weight around, but of average build, 5'7". Best wishes for your birth!
Oh my gosh, Tabitha, are you here?!:
We're a little further south from you, and after seeing a ped (they were fine, but not exactly what I was looking for) in Oly when the littlest was born last spring, I decided to take them to someone even further up in Tacoma. We've only been in once, but we like her, like the office staff, and she is completely accepting of our choices. Fir Creek Pediatrics. I've been thinking of seeing Suzanne Adams, a naturopath in Oly, but just haven't made it a priority. I've heard...
http://www.people.com/people/article...254506,00.html (An update)
Quote: Originally Posted by TheLC that whole south side, where the RV "park" is....., I've started driving up to the road where El Patron is and cutting over that way to go to the bank. and Lanna, he was "floating", I looked for a pic for you but I couldn't find one. That wooded area, too... If the creeps don't get ya, the speed bumps from hell will!
I was leaving Starbucks this morning when I smelled the mint. The whole Yardbird's center attracts some weird ones, but I try to stay in my little bubble.
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