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Quote: Originally Posted by North_Of_60 As the owner of three dogs, there would be hell to pay. Pure and simple. And you don't have to sue for monetary damages. You can definitely go after them just to have the drain fixed. I would do it. And lest I be flame for the child/animal comparison, but if my daughter was at a daycare center and "snuck out" of the play ground and got hit by a car, there'd be hell to be pay with that as well. You can't be...
Quote: Originally Posted by SachaMacina I'm so so sorry, this must be so painful. I have a mini dachshund and I don't know what I would do. I think you should sue. See if they had their license, and if they take care of animal as their responsibility it is a violation of a customer's trust to be negligent. They should not be allowed to easily stay in business, think of other people's dogs. BTW, their story sounds a little fishy to me. Yeah...
They've been very sympathetic. The vet was pretty upset yesterday when I talked to him. And they sent us flowers today. Dh dropped them off last Friday... Have to ask him what he signed. I don't recall from other visits. They're supposed to have someone in late in the evening and someone else comes in early in the morning. I think suing them is bs... No point in that. I do want them to evaluate their kennels and fix the drain area. No amount of money could replace her,...
Mods, please, please don't move this. The short version: We just got back from a camping trip yesterday. We'd boarded our dogs at their vet's office. We came home and found out that our miniature dachshund had been killed by another dog. They say she squirmed through a little drainage area in the kennels and into the kennel of another dog. I don't get how they could have not made sure a little dog couldn't accomplish such a thing. We're very upset and I don't think I'm...
Yes and yes. After seven and a half years, I'm more sure now than ever before that we belong together.
Congrats! That's awesome!
For me, I like ellipticals better than treadmills because it's easier on my joints, but I drop pounds quicker on a treadmill. I need a new treadmill. HTH.
Me. It's not so much that I dislike the 4th, I just don't really get into it anymore. Some of my best memories are of the 4th, when I was a kid... It's not the same now that I'm (supposedly) an adult. I only celebrate it for my own kids now.
Quote: Originally Posted by xelakann Portland, OR Hands down. Quote: Originally Posted by Kitsune6 Absolutely. 100% Without a doubt.
Glad to hear it's not just me!!! : I was never this hungry while nursing dd. Never. I'm not eating anything unhealthy, but it's really funny to me how I feel the need for much heartier snacks. My appetite went through the roof as soon as he was out of my belly!
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