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No thank you. No more for me. It's only been 6 weeks since I gave birth to this one! Dh had a vasectomy on Tuesday and I'm more than a little relieved.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kellie_MO4 Yeah, I'm re-reading one of Ina May's books, and it sounds like hands and knees opens up the pelvic area SO much... So, if this babe takes after it's siblings, I will probably find that position helpful come sept I so vividly remembered during my pregnancy that one birth story in her book... Never imagined that it would be put into play (or that I'd have a 12 lb son, for that matter!). Very useful...
Quote: Originally Posted by neshamamama From what I understand the best thing that you can do to prevent shoulder distocia is to give birth on your hands and knees. This creates more space in your pelvis had helps baby's positioning... Getting on your hands and knees definitely works! BTDT. Quote: Originally Posted by Mamato3wild ponnie Just wondering if those babies who had shoulder dystocia...the mama's labored on there...
Gus starts snoring before I can even get him all the way in! He loves the sling. We're just using a Moby right now. Works so much better for me than the Maya that I tried to use with dd. Perfect for being able to get things done around here. My only concern is that he's already so big, my back may not hold out for long. I carried dd in a Kelty frame pack until she was almost 4 though... Probably far longer than I should have.
Quote: Originally Posted by lunasmommy DH brought me home this once. It wasn't as bad as I had imagined. : Lol. Yeah, guess who made the mistake of bringing it home to me. Now, I'm off to bed with my ice cream and the "Six Feet Under" dvd Netflix sent me today. Life is good!
Well, I would rather have Haagen Daz Strawberry or Raspberry Truffle, but I guess I'll have to settle for Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee instead.
Our 5 year old dd had jaundice when she was born. So did my older ds, but hers was worse. In the hospital she had light therapy and they wanted to give her formula/bottles, but I fought them off. We were there 5 days, I believe. When we got home I made sure she had time in the sun until it was completely gone. She was fine. Read this. Be strong for your babe and follow your instinct.
About the same as everyone else's babe... He's given me a little bit of time during the day, but mostly 10 minute cat naps. He does sleep at night though.
Hugs. Just wanted to say that our dd had one that we didn't even notice until she was nearly one. We moved and found a new ped and he said that in time it would most likely go away. It did. I was so relieved! Hope the same will happen for you, too!
Camisoles or tanks with built-ins... I did wear a bra when going out, until I started nursing again... Found it to be a pita, so almost 100% bra free now. I'm medium-sized in that area, I guess.
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