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Quote: Originally Posted by prana Thanks everyone. My sister has only been there for a few days. We grew up outside of a national forest in Wisconsin, so perhaps out idea of trees is a little bit off from the average. I think that getting up into the mountains and doing hiking would be great for her! I'll let her know about the Coronado National Memorial and Bisbee! I'm sure some of her frustration at this point is in leaving her kids behind. She...
Normally, my first response would be to get a dog. Dh is a leo and he believes they are totally the best kind of security system. But given that you've got your hands full already, I'm going to say don't do it. I've seen too many animals needing new homes because of a military move. One thing I'd add that I'm going to do myself this year, plant some prickly bushes under any windows that concern you. I'm putting something under my bedroom window.
Not me, but my dh was stationed there and still talks about it all of the time. I think it was his favorite duty station. We have a friend down that way, so we'll visit eventually and I can see for myself. I remember wanting to be sent there myself, but it didn't happen. I do know my fil loved Bisbee!
Wonderful! Wonderful!!!!!!!!! Welcome baby girls! Excellent job, mama!
Done! Thanks for that.
Happy Birthday, Zeke!!!:
Quote: Originally Posted by elleystar It's a really good thing that so much distance separates all of us, because otherwise the poor gal would have like 30 uninvited 'doulas' show up on her doorstep! I'm practically beside myself as it is, wishing I could go over there with a nice casserole or something...anything. For real! Hoping you're holding those babes!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jennisee Love the smilies! DS is 5 weeks old and at one poop per day right now, but when DD was a baby, she got up to 10 days between poops at one point. Fortunately I was attending LLL meetings at the time and knew it was normal, but, like you said, they were some SCARY diapers when she finally did go. My dd was the the exact same way! I was so freaked out when she first started going so long without one......
Quote: Originally Posted by kjoy2 Oh thank you for your story!!! Because now it's 11:40am... I started the castor oil at 9:30 and have done 3 rounds so far - so a total of 6 oz... I have had some bathroom runs, but no other activity. Your time line gives me hope that labor may still kick in. I am not very dilated, though, but everyone seems to think I won't be until contractions start. And darn, a burrito sounds GOOOOOOD! Oh, you are so...
I've got a never-ending thirst going on here. At least a gallon, I think. And it's barely even warm here yet.
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