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I have serious issues with anxiety. Much better these days, but still: dd whining. ds getting a serious attitude with me. dd & ds arguing. dh raising his voice! I don't like arguing or raised voices (unhappy ones, anyway). Clutter & messiness get to me if it gets too bad, but not too much anymore.
I'd really like to buy dh a GPS for father's day. Has anyone bought one? Any recommendations? TIA.
Quote: Originally Posted by momma2emerson I think it can provide a useful guideline, but it's not terribly accurate. If you are very muscular, you will have a higher BMI, even though you wouldn't be carrying too much fat. I do think that our perceptions of what is healthy are getting very skewed. Just because being overweight is normal in our society, doesn't make it healthy. And that doesn't mean that you can't be healthy and overweight. There...
Have a safe trip!I'll be watching your blog for updates! P.S. I'm so jealous! India is #1 on my "places I have to go before I die" list.
Armoire. If you can be consistent... out of sight, out of mind.
LOL. I haven't watched that in like 11 years, when I was pregnant with ds. BUT I was flipping through the channels one day and saw her... ALL I can say is HOW MUCH PLASTIC SURGERY HAS SHE HAD??? Jeez, it's ridiculous. Sorry, I can't help you with the question.
Cows milk. Rice milk. Almond milk here.
Closing in on 5 here, but she's still in her Marathon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naturalyst There is nothing sexier than a man doing housework! : No doubt! Love that he's able to multi-task, too! On a side note, my dh & I fight over who's going to vacuum, when he's home. We both love our Dyson. Best purchase ever!
[quote=Camellia;8238378]I really appreciate everyone keeping their suggestions coming! It really is very helpful. I highly doubt Oregon is that much better in regards to weather. It is grey skies and rainy for much of the year. Summer isn't in full swing until July, and it's mostly gone by September. We've had a few nice days already, which helps my mood a lot. Its these months with so many mixed days when I realize what a damper the crappy weather put on my...
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