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I already "liked" mothering on facebook.
I could have written your post .  I was in the EXACT situation with my first DS.  I had lots of people there that I didn't want there and they wouldn't leave.  It was bad.  I even got the epidural at 9 cm when I was in transition...when I was trying for an unmedicated birth.  Anyways, this time around I just didn't call anyone when I went into labor that I didn't want to go up there.  All I had was my doula and my hubby at home and then we made it to the hospital just in...
Whole birth from start to finish 3.5-4 hours!!!!   Kennedy’s Birth Story   I was at home playing with my son, John John, when I decided to lay down on the couch and rest. At 4:05 I felt and heard a loud pop and thought to myself did my water just break?  As soon as I  finished that thought water gushed all over the floor.  As I run to the restroom, taking off my pants in the process, my son looks up at me and says, “Mom we don’t Tee tee on the floor, we tee tee...
Kennedy was born 3-21-11 at 8:05 pm, 7 lbs 10 oz 18.5 inches long. Will update later with a crazy birth story.
I was curious for those that have had a natural birth how did the pushing stage compare to the whole labor, pain wise? I made it last time to 9 cm and then got an epidural not knowing I was that far along. So I have background knowledge about what labor will feels like but none about pushing a baby out. I have anxiety about it. Just curious from those who have been there done that.
So I went in for my 38 week appointment and they said I'm 3 cm and 70% effaced.  The baby is -1 station and my bag is bulging.  What do you guys think?  Maybe she might be early???
Congrats Momma!
DS: 40 weeks exactly
Is Oscillococcinum safe for to take during pregnancy? 
So my husband got diagnosed with the flu today after being sick since Sunday.  He was given tamiflu.  I'm very worried about getting the flu.  My MW said to wait and see if I come down with symptoms and that we would deal with it then.  My husbands aunt is an OBGYN and I was talking to her and she "insisted" that I get on tamiflu as a preventative.  She told me how it can be very dangerous for pregnant women requiring hospitalization and being admitted to ICU.  I haven't...
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