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Hi mamas! I have been having exquisitely painful Mittelschmerz, occasionally with very mild spotting, on my left side almost always. I would love to hear theories on what the actual cause may be and how it may be healed. Also if there are any herbal formulas that would help and serve as a contraceptive, please tell me! Thanks!!!
I am expecting my third child, planning an unassisted birth. When I was pregnant with my 2nd, I found a mantra on mothering.com for transition that was something like "want it harder, stronger..." and it was immensely helpful in my experience of orgasmic contractions. Anyone know where to find this? I've searched and don't see it.
I have a Whirlpool Duet washer that is supposed to be cleaned once a month on its clean cycle with bleach only. Is there anything natural that would be safe and effective to use?   Thanks in advance!
We have a 4 year old and 13 month old and haven't taken either to the dentist for many reasons. But my 4 year old has spots on some of her front teeth that don't come off with brushing.   I'd love to find a dentist who will tell me my options but not what I'm "supposed" to do... like fluoride treatments, x-rays, etc. Has anyone had any experience with anyone around Austin, Houston, or Bryan/College Station?   Thanks so much!  
Quote: Originally Posted by mama.nesta My midwife said it may have something to do with how well she sleeps at night. My son nurses several times through the night, but not as much during the day.
So do y'all think that getting your period back, even this early, means you're fertile too? I'd always heard that exclusive BF was great birth control for the first 6 months...
Wow! Thanks for sharing! I definitely feel less surprised now... Oh, and DS is 10 days short of 6 months. I forgot when his birthday was!
I just started my period this moring and DS (DC #2) is 5 days short of 6 months. I am shocked because with DD (DC #1) I didn't get my first period until she was around 12 months. I don't supplement but I do work out of the home and pump for when I'm not home. However, I pump at least as much as they eat every day. And exclusively breastfeed when I'm at home and, on the 2 days I work all day, I see the kids and nurse over lunch. But with DD I worked a TON more than I do...
Hi! Anyone have experience with any NAET practitioners in this region (Houston, Austin, College Station)? Thanks so much for sharing!
I want to make vegetable chips in my dehydrator with all of the zucchini we're getting from the CSA. I'm wondering how to season them before I dry them. If they're not delicious, they won't get eaten. Any ideas? Thanks!
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