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I don't know enough about it to know if it works or doesn't work, if it's dangerous or isn't dangerous--but I do think it's pointless.   Sure, some kids want to learn to read early and there's nothing wrong with encouraging that and helping if it's warranted (I was an early, self-taught reader myself)...but I'm not sure there's any real advantage at trying to make all of our babies into prodigies. 
I've been documenting them without regard to whether they're "real."   We got "hi" at 2 months, "eggnog" around four months. A very distinct "hi da dee" and "ten tu" (to which my husband and I both replied "you're welcome") by 8 months. Now, he likes to shout DIE DIE DIE at the grocery store. I don't think any of this is with intent or context, but whatever works, right?
Nothing with intent. My Ellison sounds like your Daniel, except he prefers "DIE DIE DIE DIE" to b- sounds. We had a random "eggnog" in October, and the occasional "hi" or "hey," and once, he put together "hi da dee" but nothing in context.  
Too cute! Mine has a similar obsession with doorknobs, if he's close enough to play with one. (We discovered that when we dragged him into the bathroom in a high chair, to try to steam out some congestion.)
I think that the weapons/drugs thing is more for the school age kids, as well as their parents/caregivers (we're not allowed to bring weapons or drugs on the premises, either). But yeah.   They also ask about his favorite outdoor activities--it's the end of winter here, he's not mobile, he really doesn't have outdoor activities other than walks in the stroller or Ergo. Ask again later?
So, yay, my husband (a SAHD for the last several months) won his election and will start his position full-time in a week or two. We're enrolling our son in daycare, and I am filling out the startup forms now.  I think applying for my law license was less involved than this.   Of note is a 4-page "intake for child under 2 years" form that has been issued by the state. In addition to the usual contact and health information, there are a million questions about meals,...
And, with 100% of precincts reporting, my husband has defeated his opponent handily, 56-44. Ellison and I were at the election night party (at a bar!--nonsmoking, thankfully) through the victory speech, and then we left. I was still up until 4 (!) and up again at 7 to go to work. zzzzz.  
My son's had...lessee...four regular sets of caregivers during the campaign (besides my husband and me)--my parents, our neighbor, our SAHM friend, and a college student. He's very social--he loves people, especially toddlers. Artsy, I think temperament has more to do with it than AP or not AP. We do quite a bit of AP stuff and Ellison's a social butterfly, just like his dad.   If my husband wins, we'll be putting our son in day care; happily, I think we've got a...
Yeah, we're right around there, too (at 8 months, with some solids--enough to make the diaper smell like moldy popcorn--but not a ton). Ellison never slowed down, after the initial newborn period.
Yawn.   Election day, wish us luck!   Of course, Ellison was up every 90 minutes last night--he's working on tooth #3, and I think he's about to crawl all right an proper, because he was nursing like crazy and, man, was he wiggly. He's super-wiggly in general but usually sleeps reasonably calmly. Not last night.
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