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No honey or fluid milk other than breastmilk.   Other than that, we're not really withholding anything--I gave up on that 4-day-wait thing once my son grabbed a handful of the pulled pork on my plate and went to town.   He grabbed a lemon wedge from my tea the other day, and instead of puckering, he ate it right up. He had a diaper rash later that day, so I think citrus might not make another appearance for awhile.
My pregnancy was fine. I'd advise myself not to work for a sexist UAV who fired me (with a plausible excuse) 8 months along, but that's neither here nor there.   Get the whole "it can't possibly happen to me" mentality regarding c-section and complications out of my head. Yeah, I knew intellectually that anything could happen, and I was OK with it when it did happen but it took some processing to get through it, even though everyone I've talked to (including my...
  Honestly, if we "respected that she didn't want to go," we would quite literally never go anywhere with my stepdaughter. She's 8, sometimes expresses interest in activities but 100% of the time, when it's time to go to them, no matter how much lead time we give her, she decides she doesn't want to, it's too cold out (even if it's 57 degrees and it's not an outdoor activity), would rather play on the computer, etc., and, if allowed, she'd wreck plans for the rest of...
That's a good point, too.
Thanks.   Yes, she does enjoy going to restaurants, especially brunch, and, as we have her most weekends, that's when we'd be going. Making things more complex is that my husband is in the last weeks (thank goodness!) of a political campaign, so we're rushing around and not cooking as much as we normally do. Things should get back to "normal" soon on that front.   I do like the advice to "pretend it isn't there" if it's something she doesn't like. We've never...
I'm not sure exactly what to call this...anyhow. I have an 8-month-old son and an 8-year-old stepdaughter.   The stepdaughter is and has been for years EXTREMELY picky. White carbs with an occasional apple thrown in. Tomato sauce (and at her mom's, canned green beans, but not the same brand of canned green beans at our house) is the only vegetable she'll eat. She's neurotypical, it's just control.   Anyhow--we're working on "it doesn't matter if you think it...
Spaghetti squash with chicken yesterday.The squash was already cut up into small bits, and the chicken was in strips which he self-fed.   Woohoo!   (The four-day-rule thing is entirely out the window here.)
Thanks for the suggestions. Lifeways Bay View is booked solid (no surprise). I'll give a call to Ebenezer. As for Grandma's House and Lifeways RiverWest, I'd prefer to not have to drive north just to go back south, but I will try them next if nothing works out.
Mine, 8 months today, is the quietest baby I've ever seen...in public.   In private, it's another matter altogether. And I know it may not last, but for now, we can go to restaurants, even fairly quiet ones, and have people come up to us and say, "wow, I didn't know there was a baby in here!"    
Bright blue at birth, but they settled into mid-brown around 2-3 months. For awhile in between, they were slate gray and my husband was hoping they'd end up staying there. (He's bright blue, I'm dark brown, my stepdaughter, whose mother is also some form of blue, has very cool hazel eyes, which were much bluer when she was a toddler.)
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