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Quote: Originally Posted by limabean I usually think people are just being polite when they say they want to meet up, so I rarely initiate phone calls. You.are.me. I am such awkward dork. I think that if I call someone it will be at the most inconvenient time for them but they won't want to hurt my feelings so they won't say anything so I'll end up holding them hostage on the phone. That's why I start every phone conversation with the...
I sent the kids outside and told them not to come back until dark and I made my dh clean up the mountain of dog poo that was unearthed when the snow melted!
My 7 yo dd came home with her progress report from 1st grade and one of the sections has to do with behavior. They use a red light yellow light, green light system and the comment said that she kept her behavior card on green light almost always, but it was moved once for talking loudly in the hallway. Okay, so totally not a big deal at all. She is in a class with 6 other students and it's a great group all around, no problems. The kids have all been together since...
Does anyone have any tips for teaching children a second language if it isn't spoken at home? My DH is Filipino but he doesn't speak Tagalog anymore. He moved to the states when he was 6 and his parents wanted him to be "American" so he eventually lost it. I would like the girls to learn to speak Tagalog. I was thinking of maybe trying Rosetta Stone....any experience with this? Thanks
I'm doing my pre-req's full time right now and hope to start nursing school next fall. My DH graduated from nursing school last year and I'm freaking out because he was never home and I don't want to miss out on all the time with the kids, but I know it'll be worth it in the end.
I went back at 42 days with DD1 and about 2 weeks with DD2. Good luck!!!
I need a semester of pre-req's to enter the RN program, but I can enter the LPN program with no pre-req's. If I do the LPN to RN bridge I can start right away and to be honest, I'm anxious to get back to school.
My dh graduates RN school in May and I want to go back to school. I was looking into LPN school and then doing an LPN to RN bridge program. There would be about a 6 month period between classes where I would need to work as an LPN. I work full time right now as an ortho tech but we arn't a very marketable bunch so I wanted to diversify....just looking for some info from actual LPN's or LPN students. Tuition isn't an issue because I'm a veteran and Penna. pays tuition...
My hubby is Filipino and I'm white. People always ask me what the kids are....most people think they're Hispanic. DH is fair skinned for a Filipino, and I'm practically albino so the girls tend to the paler side. It's funny because our oldest looks more like her dad and the baby looks more like me.
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