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anyone know of any chicken pox parties or have a child with chicken pox?  we live in the lake travis area (lakeway) and are eagerly hoping to get our girls exposed again.  they've been exposed several times but no pox!  ;)    thanks!!!
This thread has been permanently removed.
Went ahead and moved this over as it is focusing on medication and health issues. I would ask anyone responding in this forum to please try to keep it on that topic rather than any personal relationship the OP has with her DH..thanks so much!!!
I am so sorry you had to experience this. It is never a good feeling when our children's health is at stake. I am also very happy that you and your DH worked through it, sounds like you two did a good job communicating about it! I would like to ask that everyone remember that this thread's topic is really about dosage issues rather than the OP's relationship with her DH. It is very understandable that we all get irritated with our partners from time to time and...
my dd just became a brownie and so far we are loving it. the boy scouts and girl scouts are quite different however. i completely understand the issue of discrimination and supporting organizations that practice this, even if it's not blatantly. with girl scouts, they say God in their oath but the girls are encouraged to put in any word they are comfortable with and religion never enters into it. if it was discriminating in any sense, then we would never let her join....
I know you are looking for help here, but I have to agree with Autumn that this probably is best discussed with your doctor rather than here. I'm sure it's all fine however. Kids are all unique and grow at their own rates. Hopefully your doctor can give you some reassurance. I'm going to go ahead and close this thread to further comments, but I do wish you good luck!
I charge 40/day for over 5 hours. i do provide food - mostly all organic - and have picked up and dropped off when i can. none of my moms have ever complained about the price. it's alot of work and 3/hour is just not enough to disrupt your household and put out that emotional effort, let alone the physical.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlh I agree with most of the posts already. My dd got hers pierced when she was 6 and is able to change her own earrings and be responsible for them. I think 6 or older is a great age if they are really wanting it. Earrings on a 3 year old are cute, but I wouldn't want the added responsibility of cleaning them and changing them or worrying about them getting infected, etc. Just seems like a headache to me...no need to add...
This thread has been temporarily removed pending moderator review. Thank you.
Based on the borderline UAV's that are going on in this thread, it is now closed to further commenting. If the OP wants to start up a new one, she is free to do so however. Thank you for your understanding.
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