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I am trying to scratch my brain for some good immune system boosting meals other than bone broth. I used to NEVER get sick-like maybe one or two times a year but I have been finding myself sick way too frequently lately. I'm not sure if it's having 2 kids in school rather than just one this year or what (it's really just ME getting sick though) but I am not doing so hot. This time I got struck with a very nasty something that has proven resistant to regular anti-biotics...
I just wanted to chime in and say that I had issues with the raw milk starter culture from CFH as well. I emailed them and explained my issue ( I was a veteran yogurt maker) and they shipped me out a new one. I got the greek yogurt starter but haven't used it yet as I read that it needs to be kept at a constant temp. and I don't have a maker, I usually just popped mine in the stove with the light on. So, I would just contact them and explain the issues that you are...
Beth- I really hope that it's just a timing thing. Maybe in a couple more months there will have been enough time for things to clear up?
I could have written this post. Except for the part about my husband being on board, be cause he's not. Not at all,he says that he just can't handle another one. Sigh..he got his 3 years ago and I want another one so badly. He is 31 and I am 29 so I feel like I am in a better place now to have another one. Sigh...not sure what to do with these emotions either.
Do you cook in batches? This is the only way that I don't LIVE in the kitchen. We eat about 95% from scratch. Simplify breakfast for one thing. You can do batches of muffins, etc. and freeze them. Serve them with a coconut kefir smoothie in the morning or with eggs.  Make extra for left overs or to freeze for later.
I have heard mixed things about tomatoes and canning. Tomatoes are actually a border line acidity food and I would err on the safe side and do pressure canning. Especially when adding the other ingredients like you mentioned.
I wouldn't worry about it. Good quality raw milk (preferably from Jersey cows) is a whole food. You could survive on that alone and still be healthy! If she is eating other foods as well then I wouldn't worry about it. She will grow out of it eventually but will still retain a love for raw milk. I say your doing great Momma! Oh and 2 years of BF is great! You should give yourself a pat on the back and not feel guilty one bit about not going longer.
That's a great price! I love it when we do our meat ordering. I am picking up 1/4 pig this weekend and about $300 worth or beef next month (about 65 or so lbs). I love it, it makes me feel happy to have a full fridge with great quality meat to provide for my family. Enjoy!!!
Have you looked into a food buying club in your area? Where in PA are you? I belong to one here in Frederick and it's been a God's send. We get food for generally less than conventional food prices for organic stuff. Now mind you, I do nearly all my cooking from scratch and grind my own grain which helps but it's still a huge savings. We also buy our meat in bulk (there is a great place just north of Hagerstown) and it's less then buying regular meat at the store. These...
Yes, grain fed milk is high is 6 and low in 3. The ratio should be 1-1 and in grain fed it is very skewed with the 6 being WAY to high which is not healthy.
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