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Oh YES! Let them eat it! And butter is at it's best right now with all the fresh grass! Butter is pretty much one of the only sources of vitamin K2 which is good for growing bones and teeth. When I was a young girl I wouldn't eat hardly anything but LOVED butter. My Mom would let me eat it just as your mentioned despite her not thinking it was a good idea at the time. It's a good thing she did too because it was one of the only forms of healthy fats I was getting. And...
You can use it for soaking your grains too. It would be great for that actually.
I have three kids who all go through what you are describing at different times. It finally got so bad at meal time that I just stopped fighting it. I just told them that this was your meal. If you want to eat it, great-if not then that's ok too but you just aren't getting anything else until you eat this. Honestly, it took a lot of pressure and focus off of them and the fighting and stress went way down. And guess what? They ate the meals more. Not all the time, no way,...
Oh yes, I always use either coconut oil or butter for baking. MMMM!
Also watch how much sugar you are taking in. Honey, maple syrup, or what have you-it should still be in moderation. I agree with the too many carbs thing also.
  EXACTLY! I have been making chicken broth for a long time and this is always the case. I generally prefer the taste of it from a fresh chicken as well.  
  From what I have read, sourdough is the best anyways. I also soak my flour and do a little home sprouting as well. The sprouted flour turns out mostly like white flour in the consistency and it's nice to have if you don't have time to soak or do the sourdough thing. I am getting my first sourdough starter from a friend and I've never done it before but I'm really looking forward to starting. I just LOVE the taste of sourdough. It's my favorite.    
I think I recognize you from TBW! Howdy! I use Rapadura as sugar mostly and I figure it's the least of the evils. But lately a LOT of TF recipes (mostly) that I have been making call for honey and a LOT of it. It's expensive too. What can I do for things like granola and other baking like muffins, etc. to cut back on the sweetner but have it still taste good? (not trying to hijack, sorry)
Thank you!!
Try Azure Standard. They have a large selection of things with pretty good prices.
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