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Yes I would love to have specific information to share on my food blog. Also I would like to find out more about it myself. I too LOVE the book Real Food.  Now I just wish she would come out with a recipe book!
Oh I can't wait to give some of these a try, crackers have been on my mental learn how to make list. thanks!
Hi everyone- I'm actually not even sure if water kefir grains multiply like the milk ones do. I've never done water ones but I really want to and I can't bring myself to pay that much on CFH for grains. Does anyone have any that they can share for shipping or a low price? Also, any tips on getting started that I should know would be much appreciated. I am getting some flip top bottles to bottle them in, so that should be cool. TIA!
Try the banana millet muffins in this recipe. I used 1/2 spelt, half whole wheat pastry and the 1/3 cup millet. Came out perfectly. I also beat it with an electric beater for a bit to get the consistency back. Also are you using freshly ground grains or flour? I find the freshly ground to work a bit better.   ETA: I forgot I also used 2 eggs rather that one and added a little applesauce. Made them again last night. SO GOOD!
I bet you could check Craigs list. Mine has several for around $10-20 each.
  I'm actually doing this today! Thanks for the helpful tips laid out so easily.    
You know, I saw this really cool anatomy book at costco the other day. It has cardboard pages that would overlay the 11 different body systems. It was really neat. I don't remember the name of it though, but I would guess if you are a member you could look around at the book section.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magelet Yes, you eat less because you are fuller, to an extent. I also think that the fat=fat and too many calories in= fat are fundamentally flawed, and that there is a LOT more to it. Anecdotally, I was curious from this thread, how many calories I eat in a day, so I signed up on fitday, to look at what I've eaten over the past few days. Turns out, I eat WAY more calories than I thought (I think, I've only entered what...
pickyourown.com has really easy to follow recipes for freezing and canning TONS of stuff. I just froze about 20 tomatoes from my garden. She says to peel and de-juice them prior (mostly) and it was really easy. I have also blanched and canned green beans, and sugar snap peas. With squash and zuch I just pureed it and froze, worked really well in soups and sauces and stuff like that.
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