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I wonder if maybe it's just a few diapers with a higher concentration of gel? Just a thought.
Are any of these shoes actually better than generic shoes? I understand why Robeez work for a flexible sole, but can these other shoes really compare? I look and look at the See Kai Run pictures, and those soles actually look rather thick and not flexible. Can anyone help me understand the benefits of these shoes?:
I like the Groovy Girls line. I know they aren't "baby" dolls per say, but they have boy dolls that are cute. Target has a poseable onehttp://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...sin=B000K7ZWHY and there is a soft one too http://www.geniusbabies.com/groovy-girls-dylan.html
Just be consistent and she will get the idea. DS was the same way, but he now knows that he HAS to hold my hand to go down the stairs. He is now fine with it at 18 months and holds out his hand for me. It's hard and there are days he screams, but just keep being consistent and eventually she will learn! Also I second the harness/leash! They are awesome and give your toddler independence without being able to run off!
When traveling I really prefer Tushies! However if I can't get a hold of them I also really like 7th generation. While traveling I haven't had any problems with diaper rash either, so I'm no help there!
My son was the exact same way! I resorted to putting a leash on him and he is fine with that because it gives him independence. I do insist on him holding my hand while in a street or parking lot and over time he has started to comply since I have alway insisted he do this. I think the hand holding tires out their arm and restricts their ability to explore the world more thoroughly. When DS is on the leash I wind it around my wrist and he's as close to me as he would be if...
I do most house work such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, ect. Generally when I cook we do the dishes together. DH takes out the trash, repairs the cars, and odd jobs. I do get upset when he doesn't put his laundry in the basket or he doesn't hang up towels. It seems only right for him to pick up after himself, but that's our only issue regarding house work.
We don't have cable, but we do have about 3 channels. We don't watch TV during the day, but at night we like watching FOX programs like So You Think You Can Dance occasionally. My son LOVES dancing shows, but other than that he doesn't watch TV, not even educational TV. I grew up without TV and had a wonderful childhood reading books and playing and I want the same for my son. I should mention that my DH and I watch a lot of movies when son is napping or asleep.
My son and DH get up together about 7am. I sleep until 8am when DH goes to work. Some mornings I get up with them, but not always.
Quote: Originally Posted by JBaxter I never had a employer ask or require HIV or Hep B and I was a hygienist for 16yrs. FYI dentists are hard to work for most dont supply insurance ( unless you pay alot) and sick/vacation time is like asking them to donate an organ. I found alot want you to work part time so they dont have to pay benifits. If I had to do it all over again I would to into nursing instead. : can you tell I got burned out?: I'm...
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