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#1 & #3 were both surprises (and boys!). #2 was the only one I had an ultrasound with and certainly I wouldn't let a tech know the gender of my baby and not know myself. That seems silly to me. I did not regret finding out. I was so excited to knit girlie things for the rest of the pregnancy. I am going to find out this time too because the end of pregnancy sucks enough. Not being able to occupy myself knitting and crafting for the right gender is just too much punishment :)
I have no experience with that. What a stress to be under. You might want to post in the broader "I'm Pregnant" forum as a lot more mamas will see it. 
Maybe you should consider seeing a specialist. Tylenol Sinus is not considered safe during pregnancy. You can check out safefetus.com for any medicines you are recommended so you can make your own decision. Sounds awful. Sorry you are going through that.
I am expecting my 4th and have never owned baby nail clippers or a baby gym. Seriously if you have diapers, clothes, a carrier and a car seat, you are good to go. It would be better to save your money for later when you have a better idea of what you really want or need. I was glad to have a manual breast pump around in the beginning. I got my electric around 8 months after my supply settled down and I could no longer pump enough with the manual to go on a date with DH....
What an ordeal! I just read through this thread. Honestly I can't believe you aren't in the hospital on continuous monitoring but I can completely see why you would need/want to be home with your kids. It is bad enough dealing with this yourself but having your husband so sick at the same time? Goodness.  I have no idea what to say to help but I will be thinking about you and I hope you keep the thread updated. 
Thank you!  I don't know why it is so hard to remember these things. I probably intentionally forget:)  I guess I am ok for now. Peeing every 4-8 hours and not super dark yet. Forgot to mention I am also nursing which makes me extra nervous about dehydration. I haven't started prenatal care yet (but I will in the next week or two) or I would just call my midwife. 
I go through this every pregnancy and somehow I can't actually remember when you start to worry about dehydration from morning sickness. Can anyone refresh me?    I kept down 1 quart of water yesterday between 4-7pm and 1-2 cups more over night. Everything else I have had before and after that feels like it is just washing out my stomach. It comes back up instantly and completely :(  Sorry if that is gross. I have had a low grade headache for 2 days now and I really just...
What I don't understand about all of this is what exactly are "mommy wars"? Are women out there actually bickering with each other about parenting choices? Do other women really walk up to a bottle feeding mom and say "You know breastfeeding is best. I am still breastfeeding my 4 year old"? and "Do you know disposable diapers are destroying our earth?".  Sometimes I think the whole concept of "mommy wars" is a publicity thing just stirring the pot to put out more articles...
What is Immortelle? I can't imagine what you might put on a child's booboo but not use during pregnancy =/   I am surprised that everyone still gives up sushi. I eat EXTRA sushi during pregnancy because it is the only way I can stand to eat fish. I give up chicken because it is statistically more likely to give you food poisoning and other nasty things. Besides the chicken and other things that are completely repulsing me, I can't think of anything I am "giving up"....
Welcome! I am expecting #4 (of 6 pregnancies). Nice to see moms of more around
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