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  Oh Dear, this has happened to me. People have either said that to me or given me a blank look like huh? The blank look drives me bat sheet crazy enough that my kids even know never to do that to anyone. Does this make me an elitist or not patient with others? FWIW, I have a normal IQ as does DH.
I cannot watch abuse or children getting hurt. Think slumdog millionare...   dog fights or any sort of fighting such as this.     on the gross side....     hoarding shows intervention show when the person is destroying themselves.
I understand this completely. As a child and even young adult I saw myself with 3 at least. Then life happend. We waited 4 years to start our family and just had some time with us as husband and wife and traveled, ate out, spent our money, rollerbladed etc and planned for me to be a stay at home mom. We had dd1 on our 5 yr wedding anniversary. But to get to that, (she was born 3 days before her edd) I had early contractions, weeks of bedrest, several hospital stays...
Ah yes, with two kids I have seen my share of these parents at soccer, softball, and many other events. They have the biggest mouths, complain the most and do the least. I have shut a few up over the years when I say, "so next year, you can run that committee/coach this team/be snack mom organizer/room parent head/cookie mom/troop leader/pta board/teach religious ed/arrange car pools/organize the phone tree " whatever I can go on and on and on and on....   I always...
 Its like freaky addicting sort of like what facebook was a few years back.
We ddont normally eat out but before school starts and also my FT job starts, we have been hitting all our favorite places to pig out. So we have completed DD's bucket list for the summer as she says. So yes, I am complaining how much food we are eating.
I make my marshmellows go up in a flame before its done. It drives a few neighbors bonkers literally. Yum
I agonized over 2 job offers last week. Literally wrote both out pros/cons and decided which to take. This is from a SAHmom of 10 years. I hated telling one of the companies I wasnt coming aboard.   I could not share this with a few people IRL because of their job hunting is not along this route.   A few years ago, DH during the bad economy was given a terrible raise so he looked elsewhere. He literally had 3 job offers and took one. I could not share this with...
We have been watching the olympics on my smartphone as well. Junkie perhaps? Even worse, while watching the match, we pull up the phone app to see who won sometimes. We also dvr the evening version and sometimes daytime events on tv and start into it a bit later to fast forward the Bob Costas parts and ads etc. The kids loved seeing the USA gymnastics team on Today this morning. I see Wheaties for breakfast in my future.....
I like ketchup on my hotdog. Major no no in Chicago.
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