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  Until  I was 16, that is what I thought it was.
Or sell during the winter, less chance to see Mrs Drunkard outside. It sounds like these boys are craving real attention, not just the drunk kind. Thus the story they told to you and ds's friends parents.
 My younger sister was a dancer starting serious ballet at age 9. She stopped at about age 25 or so. She would go to classes such as this as a teen and LOL how easy they were for her because of her dance practices got her in excellent shape.   DH speaks fondly of his HS coaches who showed them conditioning. It was 30 mins everyday and the coaches (about age 35-40) did them with them. DH still admires that today since we see so many 15-25 yr olds that we as 40 yr olds can...
I might also add, that DH watching the 1984 Olympics saw the Mens gymnasts win the gold and watched it totally thrilled. There was no place for him to go to do gymnastics  at that time but when he arrived in high school a few years later, he went to the gymnastics practice when it was announced. He had never done anything of tumbling  etc but he ended up a few weeks before he graduated being an all state gymnast. He has an athletic bode and had done weight  training...
 Dh's favorite. Do I need to explain?
 My sister had that!
HA! Love it!  Thus one  of the many reasons I always enjoy your posts.
 Wow, that is a good one. Its so very true.
 I got the feeling from the OP was that, wow you're not watching it? Not that the kid was a snob or whomever didnt watch was one as well.   DBIL works  in tv. He has been at all the olympics going back to 92 with exception to 2004. He is in London now. He is the perfect person to attend and film or do sound because he is not into any sort of sporting events. To hear him speak of the various athletes over the years is amusing because he sees a different side of them. The...
As far as Star Wars, back back back in Jr High, a boy liked me in 6th grade. It took all the guts in the world to ask me to a movie on a Sunday afternoon. I agreed and we went and saw Return of the Jedi. I had suggested it. He asked me like 5 times, you sure? Yes!! Favorite movies at that time (and well now too) He was woried because he said his dad  told him to be polite and have me pick the movie and he was afraid his Dad would say he picked it. Love at first sight...
New Posts  All Forums: