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Really? That's so funny. On your earlier welcome I noticed your name and thought "awww another Stella! I love that name". Funny funny. I'm up at Clarion North tucked away in Labor and Delivery. I'm not sure what my phone number is here and I don't have yours anymore but if you call the hospital itself, they should be able to find me! I'd LOOOOVE to stop dry heaving.
thanks everyone! Right now I'm stuck in the hospital, hooked up to lots of IV's hoping for a respite from nausea and vomiting. Blah. I'm not good at being pregnant sadly! On a cute note. we were listening to the baby's heartbeat today and heard a massive THUMP because she/he kicked at the doppler! Aww, my peanut has attitude about being poked at!
Name: Nikki Age: 26 Due Date: 12-05 Pregnancy #: 4th pregnancy, 2nd past first trimester Family (partner and/or other children): My partners name is Christian (we're a female couple) and our daughter's name is Lucia (she's five) Birth Plans/Preferences:HomeBirth with my awesome midwives and doula! Anything else you'd like to share: I'm wretchedly sick with Hyperemesis again. I'm on bedrest and stuck on my back all day so I'm pretty cranky. I'm not really a happy...
I haven't posted here yet.. I've been on the bf'ing and cd'ing boards for a bit though. I'm officially due Dec. 5th but have a feeling that I'll go earlier than that! I just wanted to wave a hand and say hello! -Nikki
Try bumping her up a bit in a RingSling with a folded receiving blanket. This gives her a bit more support and it's easier to reach your nipple. I loved my ring sling for nursing
I'm one half of a lesbian couple. We're pregnant and I'm carrying. I bf'd my daughter from a previous relationship for two years and am going to be planning on the same or longer with the new baby. My partner has expressed interest in being able to also nurse the baby and while I would be the primary source of milk, she'd be able to comfort the baby and share in that bond as well. I'm supportive of this and was wondering how we'd go about stimulating her milk production....
My DD nursed till she was 24 months and had this dreadful tweaking thing she loved to do to whatever nipple she wasn't attached to. It drove me batty. I kept putting her hand down and just holding it there. When she finally weaned, she started playing with her own nipple! Her left is much larger than her right for now (sigh).
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