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hi everyone! are we hanging out here or on the new forum? cuz i don't really have the brain capacity at this point to visit two different sites.. i barely have the ability to type a readable sentence. seriously, it just took several minutes to type the sentence about typing a sentence (sigh).
bah. today is the day i start eliminating dairy. thus, hopefully, Liam will stop projectile vomiting on me.. or at least time it for before my shower versus directly after my shower. on the up side, after learning how to ruck him in my beyooooootiful pfau didymos, i got two and a half hours of house cleaning done with him snoring away on my back. I'm irritated with my AF being back already and for some reason, i smell GROSS. what's up with that? I miss being...
Quote: Originally Posted by SheBear I finally got the tub cleaned out and hopped in the shower to scrub myself down, but the funniest thing was, in all our scurrying and screeching, dd never got upset. She was so calm about the whole thing, just sorta looked at us as if to say, "Man, y'all are SO uptight! You need to chill! Look at me, do you see me freaking out over a little poo? Nope, I'm feelin' gooooood....." Little stinker. See if I...
i looooooooooove my moby. it's my favorite "gear"
we use mainly pf's and bummis/thirsties covers. i luuuuurve my thirsties covers and my one thirsties fitted. I also have some wahm fitteds (in really girly prints but hey, Liam doesn't care) and a happy hempy that are getting good use. I really liked my happy heiny pocket for a minute but he's blowing out of it these days Thirsties is coming out with an aio/pocket hybrid that I'm totally curious about. Bamboozles and ASIL fitteds/covers don't work at all with my...
my dd turned six this past wednesday! ohmigod.... and Liam sure has hit 12.4 lbs somehow. oh wait, it's because he nurses ALL THE TIME! A moment asleep is a moment not nursing which is apparently a moment wasted LOL. We got our beauuuuuuuuuuutiful new didymos (pfau) and did our first back carry in it! I love love love wraps. Poor Erin... call me if you need anything! Are we all switching to the new forum? When does this DDC get kicked out (boo).
my period started today. I stopped bleeding pp about 4 days ago and I'm now on my period. This happened with my daughter too so it was kind of expected but I had hopes that I'd have a few months of reprieve. Anyone else?
My father has decided to take all three of his kids, their partners and his two grandchildren (my two) to India next January. He's been going every year for the past 3 years but we haven't been to India since I was 11. I'm reallllllly excited buuuuuuuut freaking out about the logistics already. We don't vax and aren't planning on it but I'm not sure if that's a good idea with what we'd be exposed to in Calcutta. What would you do? Selectively vaccinate? Cross your...
you're awesome!
I don't have a video but I pretty much have the equivelent in still photos. one of my dearest friends (and an ex gf) was in the delivery room and took many many pictures of EVERY thing. there's approx 300 pics from delivery and 180 of them have my yoni in them. wow.
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