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notes for next time -dang... afterpains HURT! -Witch Hazel feels sooooo good but doesn't help with the "smell o' childbirth". ewwwwwww! -I looooooove who ever suggested peeing through empty toiletpaper rolls. -My breasts can grow at massive rates at any noise that might possibly be a baby (i.e. the tv/dog/6 year old/radio/brakes squealing)
yay and congrats!!!!!! Aren't new babies the most amazing things ever?
ok... 2 weeks later... I think this is how I post pics online (I'm barely computer literate)... here's a link to my snapfish account! Mwah! Nikki http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailsh...0/t_=107185390
I've been MIA for almost a week and I miss you guys! Liam is amazing. One day I'll write the birth story. Labor was amazing. Postpartum sucked. Granted we were the homebirth transfer red headed stepchildren of the postpartum unit but .... i'll get into that later. My midwives and doulas were FANTASTIC!! Thank you StelliMamo! How is everyone? I'm sending happy labor thoughts to you wonderful women still gestating and snuggly baby thoughts to all the mamas who've...
6 days postpartum for me and my stitches from a small second degree tear are'nt hurting any longer. The first few days though, holy mother maria! I never thought I'd dread peeing like i did!!!! I haven't been taking arnica though. hmmmm.
William Berrigan Tamte Gupta DOB-11-29-07 at 6:14 p.m. Height 22.4 inches Weight 8.2 lbs Head of Curly dark hair! Successful VBAC Labored at home to 6 cm and transferred to the hospital for the remaining 4. Pushed for approx. 15 minutes and ended up with a small 2nd degree tear from my big kiddo's shoulders! DP caught Liam and big sister was the third person to hold him! It was amazing.
expectantmami- if one more person touches my belly... i'll eat their head. I understand the issue. hellllo, would you touch my belly if I wasn't preggo? oh... and i think I might actually be in labor. we'll see. i'm gonna jump in the shower and see if these wicked contractions slow down.
seriously. I'm nauseous, cranky, achey, and I want to sleep but I'm too sore to and besides everytime I lay down I start contracting with these freakin useless contractions that don't do ANYTHING. Oh and the phone keeps ringing because people want to know wether I've had the baby. BAH!
yay! congrats to the whole family!
blech.... god I love you guys. I think this ddc is the only thing getting my sanely (kind of) through this pregnancy. I shower twice a day. I, like Mme Muffin am a sporadic at best hair remover. I actually LIKE my armpit hair. It's soft and fluffy and damnit, I don't really care what anyone else thinks. My wife thinks it's hysterical that her little femmy wife runs around with curly pits cuz it totally freaks out EVERYONE in Indiana. I woke up at 3 am the other day to...
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