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my dp, my 2 midwives, my doula and her back up, my two best friends and my mom. i reserve the right to evict anyone though! i'm all for positive energy and i think we'll all be fine but lets see how i do in transition!
congrats! And thumbs up to Rowan for not getting hooked up to anything! I'm so excited for your family!
maternity clothes are evil. seriously.... when people design them, who do they picture in their heads? Some barbie girl with a cute 4 month belly? I'm OVER them. I'd rather just be nekkid. All the time. Bah. Under belly pants fall down, over belly pants fall down or cut into my belly, shirts are hovering WAY too high to be socially appropriate and my feet are roughly the size of canoes which mean only my flipflops fit and it's COLD here now. My feet hurt, my cervix...
Yep... that's right. I'm exactly 34 weeks as of yesterday so we'll see how this goes. I've been having wicked contractions for several weeks now that stop me from moving, talking, smiling... really doing anything except clutching whatever seems most stable near me. It was a big adventure yesterday. Water broke around 4:30 a.m. Nothing tooo dramatic but a noticeable trickle that continued. Finally fell back asleep around 7:30 am and when I woke back up at 10... the...
Quote: Originally Posted by wife&mommy They make Mountain Dew slushies??? Where do I find such evil? up here in good old indiana, various gas stations have slushy machines... two within 10 minutes of my house have mt dew options. they're the best thing EVER!
I'm craving Mountain Dew Slushies, flavor ice (in orange, red and pink) and mango sorbet. When I'm NOT pregnant I don't even like ice in my drinks. Ooooh and I have this wierd tire aisle thing. I like the smell of the automotive department. It's really strange.
Now that my DP is on board and excited about homebirth, the entire immediate family on my side is opposed to it. They're all "talking" to eachother and discussing how dangerous it is. BAH. We live with my mother so it's not really an option to just ignore it because even though she hasn't said that I "can't" birth at home... her attitude sucks so badly that I know it'll affect my labor. You know... it's that one cranky person in a room full of people that can totally...
the baby is simultaneously poking at my cervix, kicking my ribs and punching my side out. am I having a baby or a squid? egads
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