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100_1143 is mine... I forgot my affirmations when I went down to help stellimamo sort so.... sorry guys!
i'm right there with you! between constant contractions and the baby apparently having his fist in my cervix, I'm exhausted, emotionally jagged and I yowl a LOT. Like a cat. A really loud one. Pregnancy lasts too long darn it!
ohmigod... i understand. I've outgrown maternity clothes.... the pants slide off my belly when the baby kicks, the tops gape at the bottom and to be perfectly honest, I just wanna be naked. all the time. AND.. this kiddo feels like he's going to fall out my yoni at any given moment. I'm already dilated to 1.5 or maybe more and he's loooooooooooooow. I waddle everywhere. ooooooh and WHY do skeevy old men feel like they have the right to come up and mention that I'm...
One of the reasons Pegs and Chiccos are more expensive is because they're European. You're paying for import fees and the name... BUT we're leaning towards the Chicco because European safety ratings tend to be more stringent. Odd but true. Granted, this could be my british snobbery coming out but everything I've heard and researched has supported the safety rating issue. I just feel like Graco/Cosco and other US brands seem flimsier and more apt to just fall apart on their...
What is your policy on visitors for the first month? We live with my mother and I'm just planning on screening calls. We have lots of dogs so most people don't drop by randomly because it's so chaotic and I'm hoping the time of year also keeps most people away! Woohooo Holidays! The people that I want around in the first few weeks are the ones invited to the birth. Yay for StelliMamo being my back up doula btw. I posted on myspace that we were going to be hibernating for a...
you should give him a mohawk!
I'm in!
I'm due the Fifth but I keep getting this Thanksgiving vibe for delivery. We'll see I guess.
I "failed" the test too (265!) but I'm pretty convinced that something screwy happened with the test. I'm checking my blood sugar regularly and it keeps registering as lower than normal... like 73. I personally think that GD is a load of medical bunk though so I'm not overly concerned.
hey StelliMamo! I'm waiting on a pouch, 3 pro-rap covers and a jamtots berry plush in ocean! woohoo!
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