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In the middle of the thunderstorms last night we welcomed Oliver Dean last night at 10:58pm. He was "only" 8# even and 20.5" and just perfect in every way. I really wanted to post in the "labor" thread last night but everything went too fast once I knew I was in real labor. I doubted myself for hours since the false alarm on the 27th. I'm looking forward to typing up our birth story tomorrow and sharing it.  
  I didn't know we were on FB either, and I'm much more active on FB :) Would someone PM me to it please?
39w today! I can't believe I'm still pregnant! I probably would have wagered money that I would of had the baby by now. My first 2 were early so I just got it into my head this one would be too. I haven't had any exciting contractions like I did on the night of the 27th. I did some rocking on all 4 last night and I have a new perineal pressure sensation today, baby is moving lots but no contractions. I HATED having to come into work today. I wanted my baby over the...
Hope today/tomorrow is it for you Beanbean!    I've been eating pineapple, doing EPO, used the breast pump, cleaned and vacuumed this morning Oh! and chased the neighbors dog this morning all in hopes it'd bring labor.. nothing. Big fat nothing. I plan to walking tonight.    My 1st wedding anniversary is Sunday - a good gift would be having a baby! 
Congrats momma! Love the pictures you shared! 
Congrats momma! 
Greanlea - I'm right there with you. Last night I slept horrible and was up every 1-2 hours. I fell weepy and emotional this morning but came to work for the damn paycheck. By lunch time I was ready to break so I drove to an empty parking lot where I take my naps and broke down crying, had a good cry and then slept for 3 hours! I feel much better emotionally but now I'm back to having contractions and being uncomfortable.   I wish, I wish, I wish I didn't have to...
  I can't imagine being *laughed* at. What a horrible feeling. When i went in last Wednesday and was a "soft 1cm" I too cried but my midwives comforted me. Sorry you're stressed. I know EXACTLY how you're feeling.     Thanks. I'm such a baby. I know everything won't look as bad as I'm making it out to be once baby is here but damn, the waiting game! Both my first 2 came expectantly and I'm been "expecting" this one for a week now and I'm "only" 38 weeks. Boo. 
I didn't get the sex last night like I'd hoped but by bedtime I wasn't in the mood and DH stayed up until midnight doing his homework.    I slept horrible last night and I'm on the verge of tears this morning. I say exactly what hurts or what is wrong but I'm just done. I'm not enjoying this anymore :( I feel so selfish for saying that. Also, my SIL was due 2.5 weeks after me and she had her baby this morning! Everything went well and I am happy for them, but I want...
Congrats! Yay! Enjoy your babymoon
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