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Hello mamas! My dh, 2 little girls, and I moved to Durham 2 weeks ago from Chicago. We live it so far! We are looking to buy a house either in Northgate Park or somewhere in the EK Powe school district. Just wanted to say hi!!
HI-I suppose this could go on a number of boards, so please move if necessary.  My DD is 5, and in kindergarten. Since Monday she has been complaining her throat hurts, and she's tired. They sent her home from school on Monday, saying she wasn't acting herself, very tearful, saying her throat hurt. ok fine. we brought her home, and girl was completely fine. the only thing kind of off was that she did take a 2 hr nap. which never happens. Tues and yesterday we sent her to...
Thanks.  I know about the carseat thing...she pretty much always takes her coat off in the car.  The shoes are more of the issue.  It's like all of a sudden her feet have become super sensitive.  I am trying to be compassionate but I'm at the end of my rope.
Hello-i never post around here but I need some suggestions!  My DD is 4.5 and super hard-headed, lovely, wonderful, and spirited.  my issue is this:     Ok heres our problem: In the morning, getting DD out the door is AWFUL. She gets up, eats her breakfast, brushes her teeth, gets dressed, usually with no problem. But as soon as you say ok now its time for socks, shoes, coat, she completely falls apart!! She becomes this horrible demon...
OMG this is so me!  i understand 100%.  I am reading up on this thread and others because i feel like a terrible parent lately.  The lack of sleep (7 mo old) has really got me too, which makes things a billion times worse.  just wanted to let you know i can commiserate!  
please add!     Evelyn Georgia Oct 30 7lbs 9oz  19in
yeah i want to do something for mine too, I was thinking maybe a massage or something.  Will be watching this thread for other suggestions!
aw hope she gets better quickly.  my DD1 has CHICKEN POX right now and I am terrified of my 2 weeker getting them.  I am praying that my milk has some good immunities in it for her!
Quote: Originally Posted by lotusma i'm sad. not because of no more babies, but the idea of closing the door on such a beautiful chapter in my life. YES! this 100%.
wow both of you are gorgeous!
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