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for the mama's who are still sick as a dog *like me*  what can you eat, and what settles on your stomach?  I seem to be losing foods by the day, and I'm becoming phobic of the "next day" because I"m scared I'll feel like crap.  I"m sorry to be a downer, but i'm so sick of being sick.  EVERY SINGLE DAY< EVERY MINUTE..since 7 weeks =( !!!!!!!!  I feel llike I'm going to loose my mind.  I have every anti nausea pill there is, and while it stops me from actually puking most...
oh my gosh, I'd be asking for a mask!!!! what is he thinking.  Some people have a lack of brains!
I"m off to the store today when I feel a little better to try the unisom....I SOOOOOOOOOO hope it helps.  THe seabands did NOTHING =(
Thank you both so much!!! and you are right, she is learning quite a bit.  Since I've been pregnant, she has been on the computer quite a bit, and on her own has been watching video's on fetal development, than we talk about it.  Sadly we watch quite a bit of Tv lately, but stick to things like animal planet, which she loves.  She has such a strong interest in animals and babys in general.  She has been learning to occupy herself some, which she did not do before I got...
hmmm...maybe see if she would be interested in joining a dance class, or karate *whatever she is interested in*  and if she is drinking sugary drinks, replace that with water =)
Just updating, I haven't been on here in forever.  i'm 27 weeks pregnant =)!!  I don't know when I posted this, but I conceived on July 1st.
She is in 1st grade, and honestly I haven't been doing much with her due to sickness.  I feel like I'm failing her =(  Despite it all she is reading better, likes to read on the computer etc...but HATES to write still, and her writing is not where a "typical going to school" child's would be at all.  She used to love her workbooks, but now hates them... I haven't been pushing her at all, not really even encouraging because I feel like CRAP.  I have even thought she may...
Hey everyone, I'm due on the 7th.  I can NOT wait, I've had horrific all day sickness this entire pregnancy, including now.  Anyone else, and does anything help.  doc wrote me zofran, I'm wearing seabands. I'm SO ready for april to get here already!!!!
and I'm SO bummed out because my period just started yet again =(   I'm really starting to hate my body, we did not miss ovulation!! This is not right!  Some months we do every other day, some we've done every... OPK's, we even both took Robitussin because there was a study done that it thins the mucus, and makes it easier for the sperm to reach the egg!!!!! Legs up for 20 minutes ETC ETC.  I'm so mad at my body!  I haven't been on MDC for a while, but 2 years ago is...
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