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It's hard, terribly hard. The only reasons it's working right now is 1) I own my company so while I work a lot of hours, I have a lot of flexibility on when that happens, 2) DH and I currently trade off the kids (he works with me) and he is able to school several subjects with them, and 3) we school 6-7 days a week to ensure it all gets done.   Complicating matters: my biz is growing rapidly and requires a lot of me, our oldest is significantly accelerated 2-4 grade...
I am "weird" I suppose (statistically anyway) but probably in ways most parents might approve of. Let's see here. I am in my mid-thirties and have only been married once, for 13 years and am very happy (cliche I know but it's true). I have two master's degrees. I have taught business strategy at a university. I have held several "good" jobs but five years ago I started a business for a few hundred dollars and grown it to a successful venture with 25 employees. I was just...
You and your husband are adults. Your daughter a child. It is unfair to try to pressure her. In the end the decision isn't up to her anyway is it? You and your husband need to work out your differences and be on the same page. This is important. Putting her in the middle or otherwise trying to manipulate her is grossly immature and unfair.
#1 37w6d #2 38w1d #3 40w
 They can have a baby out in less than 5 minutes once you are on the operating table and prepped for surgery. It generally takes at least 30 minutes for that to happen.
Just saw this: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/25/21161194-amber-alert-canceled-for-ailing-newborn-who-vanished-with-mother?lite   It was a MW attended home birth. It seems like there might be some missing info here.
We travel via a fifth wheel for work 5-12 weeks a year. We just take our books with us. For things like math and writing which have to be done at a table, we work in the morning before we leave for the day and in the early evening between play time and dinner. For things that can be done orally, we do those while we drive. I mainly worry about core subjects. We school year round to ensure that even if we aren't quite as productive while traveling we still get plenty done...
I'd start by picking a math and language arts curriculum that you think will fit the 9 year old's learning style. Then do the pre-tests and figure out where he/she is at and start there. Budget that you may be buying more than one grade level of books a year for awhile during this catch up phase (I know that sounds silly but it sure caught me off guard this year when DS went through no less than 3 math grade levels).
I'm still too new to this part of the country to know anything about Yankton unfortunately :( What is that makes you think there's a potential for issues with the school district? The only district-related thing I've heard is that some of the smaller ones aren't used to seeing the exemption paperwork (and I'll admit, it's not the most straightforward form ever).
We just moved here in October so I'm still figuring it out but really it's an easy state compared to most. I did just go to the inclusive HS association meeting a few weeks ago and got more info. So you have to fill out your waiver annually and send it in. You have to test in 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 11th I think? I know 2nd for sure since that's where we're at in life :) The test scores get sent in with your annual exemption form. It doesn't sound like anyone routinely looks...
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