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We are planning Right Start A and the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading for DD this fall. Beyond that, she's always tagging along with her big brother who will be doing the full contingent of school work (math, LA, history, science, art, music, etc.) this fall.
I have a very mathy kid. We use Singapore 2B textbook, IP, and CWP. I don't use the workbook at this point. It's just too much repetition for DS.
I may be missing something but this is remote work correct? Why not work for the same clients you did previously in your old city? Is there any particular reason you need clients in your city?
Internet processor?
We are just getting started but will be schooling year round. I honestly don't see the point of taking a big break. Shoot if we take a week off I can tell, it's like info starts falling out of his brain. As a practical matter we have to travel for work about 9 weeks a year. We have a fifth wheel so we can school while we travel but inevitably we miss a day here or there when DH and/or I have to work a conference. I figure if I'm consistent we can get about 46 weeks in a...
I didn't lose weight until I realized that my body really didn't like dairy, gluten, or carbs. There's nothing magical about BF for weight loss. If you are eating things you body isn't happy with then it isn't coming off :(   Good luck! With my first I didn't know and went into my second pregnancy 20# heavier then the first. Lost it all and then some with the second. This one has been more tricky but my body is having some issues and now that I've found the right...
Oh wow, that is seriously awesome! 
My best friend was at all three. I'm grateful she was there. We now live 1600 miles from her though and although we are pretty sure we are done, if we did it again, I'd be tempted to have her come out for it :)
We moved to Sioux Falls last October and live near the mall. It's pretty lonely. We haven't met many people yet (been busy working and with the kids). We need to make being social more of a priority. We are liberal, don't vax, eat a restricted diet (GF, CF), are AP, etc. We moved from Portland Oregon so this has been a bit of an adjustment.
Not sure about Yahoo but you might check out Portland Green Parenting. It's a great place to connect with like minded parents as well as a great source for organic food and natural home stuff.
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