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I had all three of my babies in the Portland area. One thing to keep in mind is that if you can get insurance to cover a homebirth it will be with a CNM and almost all the midwives in Portland aren't CNM's. Just something to keep in mind. Cash for a midwife in that area runs $3k-$5k (includes prenatal, birth, and postpartum). Anyway, congrats on the move, Portland is awesome :)
DS: 37w6d DD: 38w1d DD: 40w (seriously)
Until recently I lived in Portland, Oregon and never had an issue. I never hesitated even when we traveled. I'll admit I'm more hesitant these days. NO ONE breastfeeds in public here best I can tell. It's so weird. Just bottles, as far as you can see. The laws protecting mom's aren't as good here either and I guess I just don't feel like getting into it (it's likely I wouldn't have an issue but who knows). Not to say I don't, but I'm more likely to go out to the car. In...
We are using it secularly. It's a tad challenging at times (to do it in a secular manner) but so far worth the effort.
If at any point academics and rigor come up with your DH or MIL, the book The Well Trained Mind might be worth looking at. It's the basic model we are using. Note, this is classical homeschooling methodology--pretty much as far as you can get from unschooling. Just another perspective.   Don't worry, you have plenty of time :)
We are using it (almost done with Apples) but we are using it just for fun for a very mathy kid (we use Singapore as our spine and have been using some RightStart methods and games to supplement too). DS usually wants to do 3-4 chapters in the evening with DH. I like that it gives him a different way to look at math.
Completely depends on your state laws. I would think odds would improve with K12 since I believe that legally makes your child a public school student. When we lived in Oregon we would have had access as regular home schoolers, here it sounds like it's iffy.   One thing to consider. Services through many districts are wholly inadequate due to lack of funds. So for example, we are looking at needing weekly speech therapy for DS but a school district would likely only...
I've never been in that position so I'm just speculating here :) If you can come home for lunch, then you basically need to go 4-5 hours without breastfeeding twice each day? So you could feed him in the morning before you leave, at lunch, as soon as you get home, and then at least one more time at bed time. Does he eat during the night? I'm thinking that for an 11 month old who probably derives a decent amount of calories from solid food, two periods of 4-5 hours...
I have a weird situation. DD is 7 months old. She is EBF (just started solids a few days ago and really she's just playing, not really ingesting much). She eats every 2-3 hours during the day. She weighs over 18 lbs (born at 9 lbs.) is happy, alert, totally on target developmentally, and growing consistently. By all accounts totally happy and healthy...but her sleep patterns suck. Most nights she wakes up every 30-60 minutes. Every once in awhile I'll get a full hour or...
It'd be a drive but Melissa Cole in Vancouver (just north of Portland) is incredible.
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