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I'm from Portland, OR and it is very gay friendly. It's a lovely place to live (if you don't mind rain and overcast weather). Cost of living is relative. A typical middle-class house will run you $200k-$300k so very affordable compared to many places but still spendy compared to others :)
What we're using: Math: Right Start B, Singapore Primary (Standards Ed), and Minquon (I'm trying to slow down a math-gifted kid by giving him different perspectives--all of these are great programs but you probably only need one). We're also playing with Life of Fred for fun.   Language Arts: I really wanted to do Logic of English but I think we're going with All About Spelling, First Language Lessons, and Writing with Ease   History: History...
I am so sorry it's not going well! After 10 weeks of nursing with a tie, your babe has to relearn to nurse. Unfortunately it's not always an instanteous improvement (in fact I'd be really surprised at 10 weeks of age if it ever was). Hopefully you can see a lactation consultant with lots of experience with tongue ties. That's critical.
Well "cold" might be a bit of an understatement. I recently moved from Portland, Oregon to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I hear it's about to get insanely cold here. I'm trying to figure out the logistics of keeping the kids warm while using the car seats safely (which I understand means not having them in heavy winter coats when buckled in their car seats).   Any tips?
We just landed in Sioux Falls and I'm looking for a house cleaner to clean every other week. Also would love to find someone to do some yard work. We rented house that has more leaves in the yard than I thought was possible. Since we also moved our warehouse here, we are just too busy this week to have any hope of getting to the yard.   Know anyone?
Portland, OR. Tons of unschoolers, support groups, etc.
Not SA survivor but am working on past traumas. EMDR has been extremely helpful. Just thought I'd put in a plug for it. I hope you find something that will help OP!
Thanks Mama! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your response. I was starting to worry there might not be hope for a doc there. Even here where TONS of people don't vax, there's only a couple of docs who *might* see our kids. It's frustrating :(   This info is so helpful. Off to research which insurance companies cover how :)
The best way to find a MW is to ask others for recommendations. The Finding Your Tribe section of this site is generally really useful. Also your local La Leche League might be able to direct you. Worse case, there's always a Google search but be sure to get references, etc.
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