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19+20+1 = 40   Hoping to make it to 63 :)
All of my babies have been born at home including my first :) I think society loves to scare first time mom which drives many to choose a more medical model the first time. Personally I can't imagine doing anything other than a home birth and didn't find my first to be any different than the others.
Like you said, every pregnancy is different and I know at least for me, all my labors have started differently. The nausea, diarrhea, cramping and back pain add up being possibly labor. I don't want to get your hopes up though! I would give your midwife a call and let her know you are having symptoms so at least she's aware of what is going on. In the mean time, get some rest! Drink lots of water, eat something yummy and try to relax. You may need your strength tonight :)
We are looking to move to Sioux Falls and I'm trying to figure out whether we'll be able to find a doctor for our kids. We don't vax. We had planned on vaxing on a limited basis but I have one child who is very high functioning ASD and another with Celiac so at this point vaccines aren't happening.   Are there any doctors in SF who would take us as patients? I'm shopping for insurance (we're self-employed) and if there is a doctor option I want to be sure they are on...
No advice but I want to applaud you for sticking with it and trying to help your son to become increasingly independent. My Aspie brother wasn't so lucky as my parents partially didn't care and partially bought into the whole "he'll snap out of it when he turns 30" crap. Now at 30 he is about to become my sister and my responsibility and it's much much harder to teach a 30 year old basic skills.
  This. It's okay to HS now and send them to PS later or vice versa. You have options. In our case I would still probably HS but we have a unique situation. DS is high functioning ASD and is academically advanced but socially awkward. We can meet his needs better at home. DD is celiac and until she's old enough to advocate for herself (and avoid sharing a surface with someone eating a sandwich), we can protect her better at home.
I had bleeding at 5 or 6 weeks PP and thought for sure it was AF but it was just break through bleeding. and AF didn't return until 9 months and 12 months. Particularly if you are breast feeding on demand it is extremely unlikely that your period is coming back that fast. In fact I'm not sure it's possible (maybe in extremely rare cases) to ovulate 2 weeks after giving birth. I think most doctors will hand out birth control at the 6 week appointment simply because it's...
Are there licensed or direct entry midwives available? You might be able to get a gap exemption from your insurance company if a CNM isn't available but a LM is.
I am also very surprised at how well DS seems to "get" phonics. He taught himself to read at 3.5 much to our shock. I'd planned on using phonics to teach him. I am placing a high priority on phonics this fall (I think we're going to use Phonic Road for LA) but I'm not as worried as I was initially. I've seen a lot of evidence this year that he actually has a very intuitive understanding of the rules.
Some kids teach themselves but most don't. DS did so I am by no means an expert but the programs/books I see recommended most often are The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.
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