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I am so sorry mama. Thinking of you.
  That is impressive! I have a 2003 Civic but I think 2005 was a different body style. No way it would work in mine. Plus I feel like mine is a tin can. I'm terrified to get in an accident in that thing. I'm guessing they got more solid in later years. Too bad too because I've had it for 9 years and it's been paid off for 5. Gets good mileage.
At this point I'm pretty sold on a Passat TDI. More room than a Jetta (even a Jetta Wagon) and insanely good MPG.  
I think chemical pregnancies are relatively rare. Odds are good this is the real thing.
A tax attorney pays in cash? Interesting. That makes me wonder if he's claiming it. If he doesn't have canceled checks he would be risking problems in the event of an audit.   Really though it's up to you to claim the income not him. So the question is does your cash income from you nanny job end up on your tax return? In lieu of W-2's you may be asked for your returns and it's not going to look good if on paper you are making too little to survive.
I doubt you'll find a definitive answer. It will normally vary by hospital and policy or common practice. For example, anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that you're more likely to be tested if you are on public insurance (based on some past threads on the topic, etc.). There are probably hospitals that test everyone but I doubt you'll find it advertised. The reality is that you sign a blanket consent when you enter the hospital for care so they aren't obligated to...
I'll play :)     With DS I ovulated early so I know for sure we only DTD on the day before and day of ovulation.   With DD, the sperm was 4 days old.   With this baby we are still waiting to see on gender but the sperm was 3-6 days old.
I don't understand why they would need to get involved in something like that? Seems like it would only take away potential support for their core issue. Do they not have enough to do with promoting HS?
I really wanted another boy the second time around and I am so grateful I didn't know the gender until the birth. I think I would have had a hard time if I'd found out when pregnant. Instead I held my baby and fell madly in love with her instantly before I had any idea that she was a girl. By the time I looked, I couldn't have cared less.
I'm so sorry for what you're going through OP! I'm not surprised the police won't let you change your statement. Around here DV with kids present is an automatic felony (granted many probably do get plead down). Once CPS is involved (assuming there is good reason for them to be which it sounds like there is at least from their perspective) the only way out is through the system. I hope the process goes quickly and smoothly for you!
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