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Warning...this is going to sound very discouraging :(   I run a successful ecommerce site and work with over 400 blogs. It is extremely difficult to make a profit off a blog. It didn't used to be that way but the market is pretty saturated at this point and businesses such as mine have to raise our standards significantly on whom we will pay for advertising. Advertising is a very difficult way to make money. The bloggers I know for sure are making a profit (and I can...
I think it can work but there needs to be excellent communication with everything literally spelled out in advance. I guess I'm less concerned about the bedroom thing as I grew up sharing a room. Sure I would have liked my own but in most families that isn't happening anyway.
I'm so sorry mama. That is so common with celiac :( Wishing you a very sticky baby!
Can you tell him your children are allergic to commercial fertilizers?
DH is looking at Dodge trucks right now too so this is the only reason I know this...might want to look at the safety info for the 1500's. They supposedly are one of the most unsafe vehicles on the road :(
I've gotten pregnant while BF (including all night long) once. PP AF appeared at 9 months and I got pregnant at 15 months. We weren't trying to avoid or conceive. The timing just worked out that month.
I have a five year old who is tall and thin. My three year old is tall and more solid but not particularly chubby. Both forward face at this point. We will have a new baby any day now :)   The five and three year olds are in the Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL seats (I think that's what they are called). I think they are the most narrow seats but I could be wrong. The baby will initially be in a KeyFit 30 bucket seat but I'm open to moving the baby to a rear-facing...
For those first few weeks I generally use my Moby wrap but then I go to my old version Ergo with the insert. My breasts are huge so nursing in it has never worked but it's a wonderful carrier.
Subbing. Our part time nanny doesn't live in but we are moving this fall and my goal is to find a live-in nanny who is a native Spanish speaker (we would like our kids to be fluent).
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