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I hope this is okay to post here. It's sort of a car seat issue. We need to rethink our car situation. DH is going to need a truck for our business which is fine (we'll get a quad cab so car seats will work) but I feel like we need to offset that with a much smaller very fuel efficient car for running errands.   Spam me with your ideas! I'd like something that gets fantastic mpg (diesel models are fine too), is reasonably safe, and will fit 3 car seats. We already...
Once baby drops, it becomes a very unreliable way to measure. I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like there are other signs baby is growing.
Given that your pregnant, it's worth getting some medical advice on this. Measles, pregnancy, and possibly a newborn aren't a good mix for sure.   Since you're not in the US, I'm assuming it won't be nearly as big of a deal as it is here. Around here if you present a child with measles symptoms and heaven forbid they test positive, the media treats it like epidemic caused by the horrible parent who failed to vax their child properly. It's messy at best.
I'm 35 weeks as of yesterday and it's been going on for about 3 weeks around here :( This happened last time too and DD made her arrival right at 38 weeks.
Just a thought. My grandmother mentioned to me awhile back that once our kids are old enough to have other kids over to be sure to add a million dollar rider to our home owner's policy (my grandfather was an insurance agent for 25 years). Supposedly it's not very costly but if a kid gets hurt in your yard it can be very handy. I haven't personally looked into it but probably will at some point.
Be aware that both the Portland, OR area and the Boulder, CO area are spendy. It's hard to live sustainably here due to land prices--everything else is pretty fantastic provided you really enjoy rain.
My kids love the unabridged works of Winnie-the-Pooh and we also have the Cat in the Hat collection. I'm trying to get them into Beatrix Potter but so far they are stuck on the other two. Audio books have made nap time and bed time so much easier. I wish I would have done it a long time ago.
I am so sorry mama! Your feelings are valid and based on your experience. That's okay! Would it be possible for you to see a counselor? Truly, it might be helpful to talk out how you're feeling. That is a powerful set of experiences you have and your mind has learned to cope by forming it's own set of beliefs. That's perfectly normal. A good counselor could help sort things out a bit and probably give you some peace by separating out your past from your present (and I...
Virtually every night at this point although most nights they are more pre-term labor contractions than BH :(
  What the heck?
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