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Quote: Originally Posted by lil_earthmomma http://www.marksdailyapple.com/primal-blueprint-101/ I'm losing weight like crazy, and not doing a ton of exercise! Also, can you order the Turbo Jam videos? They are so much fun! Really upbeat music and dancey/kickboxing type moves! Doing a primal diet (i.e. Mark's Daily Apple) here too. Weight just falls off and I'm not currently exercising (besides chasing and carrying around small...
Just wanted to agree that 30 lbs. is a perfectly acceptable weight gain and what is really important is the quality of food being eaten. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a high fat/low carb diet and there are many good reasons that it might in fact be especially helpful during pregnancy provided your sources of fat and protein are of very high quality. I remember my first midwife telling me that baby parts are made of fat, protein, water and salt and that...
There are also things for which it doesn't matter. For example, avocados and onions have almost non-existed pesticide rankings (they are at the bottom of the larger list that the dirty dozen is part of). If organic is the same price as conventional, I'll buy the organic (since it is important to support organic farms and we vote with our money) but honestly, I'm not spending extra money to buy organic for those items because it doesn't make a difference for our health.
Nice! I make mine in an All Clad crock pot. I think it's just slightly smaller than the pot you are looking at, was significantly less costly (although still spendy) and I don't have to leave my stove on.
I am so thankful my EBF DD is sensitive to gluten, sugar, dairy, etc. It keeps me on track...because otherwise I'd be dealing with constant temptation! Since cheating causes her to become colicky, I don't even consider it--thank goodness because my willpower isn't all that good
Another good book: Primal Body, Primal Mind. The author does a wonderful job of going through the science behind why a primal diet is so good for your body and also addresses the excessive protein issue. She ultimately recommends a diet low in carbs with low to moderate amounts of protein (I think she recommends 40-60 grams a day) and everything else from fat. I find the lower protein recommendation to be hard to follow consistently but it's something I work on. I...
I just squirt the cinnamon CLO in the back of my throat and chase it with cold water. My butter oil is separate (although you can buy them together) so I just take it off a spoon and chase it with cold water. I do have the combo CLO/BO cinnamon tingle for DS and he actually likes it and asks for it.
I have to make this quick but it sounds like you have a fantastic beef source so stick with that. Animal products in general are really important to get organic if at all possible as well as any food that's heavily treated (like peanuts--definitely stick with organic peanut butter). Ultimately you can likely save money by just knowing a lot about where your food is from rather than focusing on the "organic" label. Almost all our food is organic--but most isn't...
My thought is that your body is using the good food (i.e. coconut oil) more efficiently and you just don't need to gain weight at the moment for whatever reason. I consumed a lot during my second pregnancy and only gained 28 lbs. compared to the 48 with my first pregnancy (granted I also had retained some of that weight going into the second pregnancy). I know I looked and felt so much better. I was all baby rather than baby and a whole lot of padding
DC on everything here too. I even put a few packing peanuts in my padded envelopes so they are thick enough to qualify as packages (even when going first class) so I can have my DC nice and cheap.
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