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There were a couple doulas down that way, but neither are practicing. You could poll Tristate Doulas via the e-group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tristate_doula_connection, there might be someone within an hour or so, or go to www.dona.org and email them and ask for a list of doulas in training in your area (if they aren't certified, they aren't yet on the main page). Also, ask at your OB or MW office, to see if they know of anyone, or even on the L&D unit of your...
We're planning a day trip to Philly and I'm looking for coupons for the National Constitution Center, and other attractions in the "Old City" area, or for food in the vicinity (Reading Terminal Market?). Does anyone have coupons they aren't planning to use (there is one for the Constitution Center in the Philly Entertainment Guide if someone has it and doesn't plan to use it). I have been online, and don't see much listed besides CityPass and PhiladelphiaPass. Is there...
I need an updated list of anyone serving the Binghamton, NY area as a birth or postpartum doula. The two who I had on my list for referrals have since stopped practicing. Thanks!
My daughter and I are planning to take a bus into the city on 4/17 to hopefully catch a show. I'm debating whether to pay full price for the tickets ahead or risk the TKTS booth. How hard is it to get two tickets to a broadway musical there on a Saturday afternoon at TKTS? We'd love to see Phantom of the Opera, and if not that maybe Mary Poppins. Advice?
I am looking for hormone-free dairy and meat products in the Bradford county, PA area. Can you recommend anyone?
I am in Northeast PA, looking for a surgeon who does laparascopic myomectomy (fibroid removal). Anybody have this procedure done or know someone who did and can recommend a surgeon? Preferably within an hour or two of Bradford county.
I have a 12 cm fibroid on the outside of my uterus. It is the ONLY fibroid I have, and is basically "silent" except for the pressure it puts on my bladder. I have been offered Abd Hysterectomy vs. Uterine Artery Embolization. I am looking for feedback from anyone with experience with UAE. Was it successful? Any major side effects? How was the post-procedure pain? I heard it can cause discharge for up to a year???
I need to have some surgery, and am not very familiar with either of the hospitals in the area. I am getting opinions from Dr. Surosky at Arnot Ogden and Dr. Herbst at Robert Packer. Anyone have any personal experience with surgery at either hospital or with these MDs? Thanks, michelle
Dr. Surosky at Twin Tiers Womens Health does them. I met him at a showing of The Business of Being Born, he was very warm and very supportive of natural birth and VBAC.
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