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Also, you could go to a temp agency. That will at least give you something to put on your resume.
I'm in the same boat. When you write your resume, list things other than jobs that you volunteered for or was a part of during the time you weren't working so that the gap doesn't look as large. Even if it's something stupid like doing a friend's make-up for pictures (just for example) Call it a photoshooot, and list it as volunteer make up artist.
Sometimes my two year old wakes up from naps crying and it continues for some time. Today he had a major fit after waking up from his nap. I think it's a combination of two things: 1. they don't want to wake up and they're still tired, and 2. they might be hungry. Usually when i get him something to eat right away after his nap he snaps out of it. Try having a snack already prepared for her and see if that helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by laughymama Ah, we have a "I see that!"er. He is also easily impressed. So it usually goes something like this: Him: "Hey! I see that!" *pointing to whatever 'that' is* Us: "Yeah, we see the pen/kitty/television/tree... too!" Him: *While still looking and pointing* "Woooooo-oooow!!! I LIKE it." LOL That's sooo cute. My son kinda does that too sometimes but he says "DID YOU SEE THAT, MOMMY?!?!?"
My son does that too but he says it like this, "What-ah issat?"
I have a 2 yr old ds from a previous relationship. I'll be getting married soon to someone who is more of a father to my son than he's ever had. He loves him like a father and my fiance treats him as though he's his own. My son's biological dad has never really been in his life but visits him about once a month (when i make him), but ds calls him "dadda". He doesn't really grasp what that means. He just sees it as a name, like "joe". Bio-dad will be moving to another...
Quote: Originally Posted by holothuroidea Not where I live. I'm the youngest mother I know of at 23. All of the first time moms in our play groups are over the age of 30. Most are 35-40. I'm 23 and i have a 17 month old. I'm usually one of the youngest when i take him to play groups or things like that.
Oh, I also want to make it clear that when I said they were watching porn and talking about it in front of the children, i mean it was definitely inappropriate. There was a point when the boyfriend grabbed the 2 year old's arm and said, "look Ron jeremy!" and they laughed about it and talked about how they are "making sure he ends up straight." Sickening.
Quote: Originally Posted by Amylcd Because that's what people on welfare do, ya know? : I know many people who receive government assistance too, and 99% of them are wonderful parents. Actually I happen to be on government assistance myself. And let me assure you my son certainly does not run around with a dirty diaper (actually we EC)! But i think the point she was trying to make is sometimes there are families that take advantage of...
Okay, I call CPS and say i would like to remain anonymous? I'm worried that they could find out it was me who reported them (not that that's going to stop me). I have no idea how this works. Will they remove the children from the home or just warn the mother?
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