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Moon sand is an outside toy at our house!
Number one....we both work full time outside of the home. Number two...DH is not supportive of homeschooling. If it weren't for those two (major) things, I would be homeschooling.
Honestly, I really don't think it matters whether he is memorizing or "reading" it. Memorizing and reciting what they remember as they follow along is a beginning stage of reading.
Quote: Originally Posted by TiredX2 One place to start is "Parenting the Gifted Child" right here on MDC: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=370 I am sure they will have additional suggestions. Oh my goodness! I didn't know there was one here!! Thanks.
My 1st grader has recently been identified as a gifted learner and will be starting his IEP stuff soon. I am sure that there are some message boards out there specifically for parents of gifted learners. Does anyone know of any? I searched but can't seem to find what I am looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by clovergirl i'm not an expert by any means as this is the first summer we've done grilled pizza. but i think that if you want to use fresh dough you will need a stone or something similar to cook it on, as it wouldn't cook properly on just the wire grill rack. if you use premade/prebaked shells (which is what we do) you can put them straight on the grill, no problem. We put the homemade dough on the grill and it...
Here is a great recipe I made early this summer. It got rave reviews! Grilled Pizza For the dough: 1 1/4 cups warm (100 to 110 degrees F) water 2 packages dry yeast 1 tablespoon honey 3 tablespoons good olive oil 4 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for kneading 2 teaspoons kosher salt For prep: 1/2 cup good olive oil Cornmeal For the dough, combine the water, yeast, honey, and olive oil in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a dough...
My 5 yo has very strong lanugage skills and is interested in learning spanish. What would best way to present the language to him? We live in a college town, so I am sure I could get weekly lessons for him, but I am not sure how effective that would be. Would videos be helpful at all?
bump again..someone has to know!
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