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Anyone here homeschool in or around Olympia? Are you a member of a homeschooling group? Thanks, Cody
Hi, Anyone know a good chiropractor ,or around, Olympia? Thanks, Cody
Love this book! I have read it twice and still would like to read it again. It is full of wonderful information. I think I need to buy it. How fun to get to talk to her!
Thinking of you. I am so sorry.
Thank you! I am a bit shocked, but I don't know why, I have two boys now. Three will be so fun.
We are just getting over being sick around here, too....yuck. Hope you are feeling better.
What a fun gift you have! Thank you for sharing. I am 9 weeks pg with my third and due 5/25. Next u/s in Jan. Blessings to you, Cody
Thanks for reminding me about this book! I own it but have not gotten around to reading it yet (have been reading library books).
Thanks to both of you! I have ordered Hilary Flower's book from the library. Rachel It sounds as if we are the same size, so it is nice to hear that you gained such a great amount during your pregnancy. I will keep you posted. Thank you again, Cody
Hi! I recently discovered I am pg with # 3. We are thrilled. This is an unexpected but very wanted baby. My ds #2 is 16 months and is still very much nursing. He eats very well but likes to nurse (mostly for comfort and mostly at night). I do not want to stop nursing him: . But while nursing (this happened with older son too), I tend to be at a very low weight....96-97 lbs. I am small to begin with and my regular non-nursing weight is around 101 lbs. I would love to hear...
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