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Thanks for the replies. I signed up for Fly Lady. Those brain files are AWESOME! THANKS!!!!!!!!! peace!
Ha, he came stayed for a few hours and then left, probably scared he might get lost in the laudry pile! I should have made it clear in my original post that I am looking for a way to never get caught like this again! I just can't seem to stay organized. Small house . . . too much stuff . . . busy and I'll admit lazy = MESS. Thanks for your response and condolences
So my father in law just "surprised" us by stopping in to see the kids. The house is a disaster. Laundry pile, kids toys, books and newspapers, dog hair tumble weeds, dishes in the sink - your basic nightmare scenario. Help me get this under control. Fly lady? I've looked at it and it seems so overwhelming. Practical advice needed. Thanks! Elle
Great idea!
I thought it was good. I guess I was not as invested in the mythology of the world like some of the reviewers on amazon seem to be. I just read it for the story. I enjoyed it and really wanted to keep reading to see what would happen next - it held my attention until I was finished. elle
Crayfish - I think the test is about how you approach situations - not the outcome. The fact that you have analyzed it points that you are very logical. You use your intellect and logic to judge, not your feelings. There is nothing wrong with either approach and you could very well arrive at the same conclusion. have a great day! elle
Sounds like a scam to me! How awful - lots of people who are not savvy will fall for it. Please call and report them. elle
Thanks for the paper tips! I will have one in K and one in second grade. I have a binder around here somewhere and I am going to set it up like you suggested. I am also shocked by the paperwork that comes home! I am going to check out your home binder too - knittin' in the shade - thanks! peace, elle
A few things help me. First of all I try to stay out of the situation whenever possible. No just going to walk around the mall - I'll go for a hike instead. I don't even look at the ads in the news paper and I don't read the kind of magazines that temp me to buy stuff. If I do have to go shopping I make a list and try only to buy things from the list. Before you buy something think about IF you need it and WHY you are buying it. Maybe decide to walk away from the...
I have the same problem - mine is a maytag and there is a cobweb in there. It drives me CRAZY! Maybe someone will have an idea. elle
New Posts  All Forums: