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what is a serger?
ok i tried that and it still isnt working...after he walks around a bit it starts to fall out in the middle. this is driving me crazy!
Quote: Originally Posted by mumkimum How much to you spread out the middle section so the sides overlap it when you snappi the diaper? It might help to do it a little more? (best I can find is the 'fanning it out' part here to describe what I mean). Maybe look up some different folds? Certain ones hold up better to more movin' around. that may work!!!!! thanks for the tip...
the snappi hooks fine, but after about 10 min or so the middle section of the diaper starts to slip under the snapy...imagine a super man cape around ones neck...well if i let him go coverless this is what the diaper looks like around his bum. i have a normal CPF
does anyone know how i would do this...are there any links that you know of with 1,2,3, instructions...i havent sewed since the 8th grade so very novice here.
please send a repLy...i checked online and i am doing it correctly....is it the CD?
so i have a snappi and the darn thing sucks, but i want to use a fastner because i dont like the CD to move around...i cant use pins....so when i use the snappi the middle part always slips out and then i have the sides snappied and nothing holding the middle...what gives? i am doing a tri fold with the back part folded towead me to make little wings...its a good fold and isnt bulky....let me know please!!!!
hi, i am new to sewing and CDing...i bought some micro fleece to make a liner to keep babies bum dry during the night...is this the right fabric and should i sew the edges or is that not needed? is this material ok for babies bum? Thanks so much for your replies!!! I am lost.
Does anyone know how much you need to make in order to qualify for WIC in California. i would like to get it for a family of four. Let me know if you have any ideas. thanks
thanks gals...i am pretty happy about it!!!!
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