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My early migraine treatment is ibuprofen + caffeine, late migraine needs Imigran. Mine are hormonal though so sadly I don't have any advice on avoiding them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna I had a mass on my spleen also when I was diagnosed with hodgkins, over 10 years ago. I'm glad you are staying positive, even the more advanced stages like mine was are quite treatable. My ex-MIL had the same thing when she was diagnosed some 16 years ago. She's doing fine and has had no traces of the disease in more than 12 years.
Vuori (Finnish)
Why would age matter much more? I understand about the bone density, but I still think the direction and the angle of the airbag would matter more, and those depend on the person's size. (Of course, what IS a good point is that I am an adult and am making the decision myself, whereas a 10-year-old cannot responsibly decide whether it is reasonably safe for him/her to ride in the front seat.)
I'm about 4'10" and 100 lbs and I drive.
I'm just posting to say how COOL it is that you're getting her a telescope! I got my first one at 8 and I kept it next to me every day for a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird The remaining ocean would be the arctic ocean, which i believe one can see in iceland/greenland and that area. DH and I do want to go to iceland someday, so that should work out. then i will have seen all oceans. You can also see it at Spitsbergen or the very northern part of Norway or Siberia. (Although I think Iceland will be amazing. )
I've seen (and waded in) the Atlantic on both sides, the European and the US. I live 10 km from the European Atlantic coast. I've swum in the Pacific. I've also visited the Arctic Ocean but it was too cold to wade or swim there so I just dipped my hands. (I've been to the Mediterranean a few times and once to the Gulf of Mexico but those are not oceans, so they don't count..)
My parents can't afford to (I've paid for my mother's ticket to come visit a couple of times). IL's offer, but we usually refuse (once they did pay for our trip and then guilt-tripped us about the amount of time we spent with them while there).
Flying. I was totally incapable of getting into an airplane for 8 years and now I again have to fly quite a lot. The part which is most difficult for me is not takeoff or landing, but cruise. I'm certain the plane will be shattered by overspeed or hit by another plane while we're cruising at 30 thousand feet. I've never had anything happen while flying and I've been on some 35 flights, so the fear has no base in real-life experience. On the other hand, when someone...
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