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My partner has a cyst (specifically a median raphe cyst) on his penis. It's been there as long as he can remember, but it's become invasive and he is planning on getting it removed. He is intact, and he is concerned that circumcision will be recommended since the cyst is attached to his frenulum.   If anyone has any knowledge on this subject, please share.   Thank you!
I 'd let him play all he wants. We are shifting into a digital paradigm; it's the future and it's cool!
all living things are sexual. we have genitals from birth. sexual beings, sexual nature, etc. and that's ok. you guide the kids along down the path of our culture and they learn restraint. no big deal. : )   op, i think you are handing this fine. having a levelheaded parent is a great blessing.
OP, you deserve better.
FWIW, I believe in a creator God that is manifested in all of reality (in this universe and in infinite parallel universes) to obtain infinite understanding. God is everything so God understands everything and thus loves infinitely/unconditionally. That's what I believe, don't know if there's a label for it.. optimistic pan-deism? lol. Have you considered a UU church?
Classic case of Freudian psychology. She sees you as "the other woman" and its really a phenomenon with MIL and daughter relationships I think. She was the first women in his life, etc. She views your DH as hers and I'm sure she believes the same about "his" offspring.. sounds like a really pronounced case here. I don't know a way around it but maybe knowing the "mechanics behind the crazy" helps a bit.
Quote: I get that dh misses his mom and they talk more easily in Tamil. He comes home from work and they immediately talk, and this continues with the two of them together non-stop until bedtime. They go for an evening walk and all that. Same with weekends when he's home all day. I know that this is a special time for them and I'm happy for them both. It's just getting really old that I can't be a part of their conversations at all, and neither can the...
Imagine the peace you'd feel in your heart if you'd just let this go. You can't change MIL - only how you react to her. You have to live with her until you're in a better financial state; that's your reality. When she behaves in a way you feel is inappropriate, you can choose to be stoic and kind and turn the other cheek or get outraged - the choice is yours. We're all fighting a hard battle, even your MIL.
Google pineal gland 2012! Be ready to get acquainted with the larger universal reality of which we are all apart.
New Posts  All Forums: