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I think that it's very important for kids to have lots of "down time" when nothing is scheduled. I think that there is so much pressure on parents to "keep up" that we are tempted to overschedule our kids. Kids need that unstructured time to just mess around and be kids - pretending, watching us, helping, or just being! slightly crunchy, when you spend the day just doing laundry, that is NOT a wasted day from your child's point of view! He is watching you, hearing...
Any of those electronic supposed "learning" toys where you push a button and hear an electronic voice say the letter or number or colour. They are crazy-making! We've let everyone know that electronic toys are not OK for presents and I think everyone has gotten the message finally.
I get out a good book from the library and buy some tub treats (those fizzy baking soda things.) My two boys now stay asleep pretty reliably for at least a couple of hours once they've fallen asleep, so I get in a hot fizzy tub and enjoy my book. When dh is home there never seems time to read much -t alking to a spouse does take time so when he's away I get to enjoy a good novel. The thought of bath and book gets me through the days!
Mine are 20 months and 3 3/4. Although it's hard going out, it's easier than staying in! When we're home, there's lots of competition for toys and for my attention. When we're out, we're happy. We haven't been going to structured stuff like storytime since ds#2 got mobile. We have 2 great drop-in gym programs in town - one geared to toddlers and one geared to preschoolers. We go to both. They are unstructured enough that each boy can do what is fun for him. I try to...
Hang in there! Like every other toddler phase, it will pass and you'll forget all about it until you read a post here and say "Oh yeah, I remember that!" I try to remember that ds can't wait yet, and plan for it - eg carry a small toy or book when we go out for dinner.
My 21 month DS eats oatmeal with soy milk and a tiny bit of brown sugar (or berries) bagels cereal (Shredded Wheat, Muffets) banana toast ...but none of them consistently! He'll love oatmeal one day but not touch it the next. I eat a lot of his leftovers. He's still nursing so he fills up on milk if he hasn't been in a breakfast mood.
We had black beans and rice, topped with grated cheese, salsa and avocado.
Both of my boys were very variable in their eating as toddlers- they'd eat everything in sight for a while, and then go back to nothing but breastmilk for a couple of weeks. Hibou is right - they get all that they need from bfing. Don't worry if suddenly a big eater stops eating altogether for a while. We never made a big deal about eating at all. We offered the boys what we were eating. If they wanted to eat, they did. If they didn't want to, that was fine too.
Fastest and easiest: quesadillas. In a skillet, warm a tortilla. Spread half of the circle with refried beans (canned is fine) and sprinkle with grated cheese. Add whatever else you have handy (avocado, salsa, leftovers, tomato, whatever). Close it up and cook briefly on each side - just long enough to melt the cheese and brown the tortilla slightly. Serve with sour cream or plain yogurt if you happen to have some.
I always take quiche for families with new babes. It reheats well and can even be eaten cold on the run if necessary. A gift of food is the best ever food for a new mom!!! I still feel warm and grateful thinking of the food gifts I received after the births of my children.
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