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My son used to chew holes in his shirt sleeve. Someone suggested making a bracelet out of aquarium tubing and it was perfect! Eventually he outgrew it.
MHO is that pregnancy and lactation can deplete one's brain chemicals, thereby making a person much more prone to depression. Add in stress, poor nutrition, or a number of other factors and your risk goes way up.
I often start out in socks, but I always kick them off part way through the night.
The girl in the Ensign is on our local babywearer's list.
I hope that she will document her outrage.
Come vote in the MPC costume contest! http://www.monsterpayscash.com/get_p...ead.php?t=1958
I always assumed it had something to do with the whole "fish can't feel pain" mindset.
I have never heard of that either, weird.
This has definitely been making the rounds in our area.
I just finished watching the music video on the Axe site. I'm just ill. http://www.axebcww.com/main.php?loc=us
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