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Wow! congrats!!!
Just send dh out to get one from motherhood maternity...ahhh now I feel better :) I like it so far!
I have heard really good things about them but I'm not sure if I want one or not-I hear they are great for losing a few inches, helping with diastasis (I have a minor one) and back pain (of which I have some). Any input? I need to go as cheaply as possible. Thanks
Oh yeah, serious afterpains here. Aaron is #6 for me and by far the afterpains have been this worst this time around...this is day 4 and so far they have slacked to more of an annoyance. I take the occasional tylenol and that helps some...overall I just breathe through them and try not to cry!
congrats!!!! What a cutie!
Ok so I had been having bouts of contractions every other night or so for a week or so...so on the evening of the 9th DH and I had some lovely time relaxing, which led to some much needed 'alone time' wink wink nudge nudge :) . We had both been so busy lately it was so nice to just reconnect and I kept thinking about Ina May Gaskin's saying that the loving vibe put the baby in there and it's the same thing that gets the baby out.(paraphrasing of course!) So I went to...
After a 22 hour labor, Aaron was born at home-8lbs 8oz, 21 1/2 inches long-my biggest! 
good vibes!!!
I'm 40+4 and losing my mind, haha! I keep getting all sorts of convincing action, but nada. I'm so ready.  Hope you guys feel better, soon!
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